Most Expensive Gemstones In the World

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Diamonds have always been a symbol of eternal love and luxury, but did you know that there are more precious gems in the world than diamonds? As wonderful creations of nature, some gemstones are incredibly rare and captivating, causing their prices to skyrocket. Come, take a tour of the beauty and history behind some of the world’s most fascinating gemstones.

The Splendor of Natural Beauty in a Dazzling World

Isn’t it amazing that every time a celebrity gets engaged, it becomes such a glitzy competition to see who has the most stunning ring? With each new couple’s announcement comes bigger, shinier gems, even more attractive than the last. It makes one wonder, “Who can have the most expensive gems?” Isn’t it? So, imagine what the pinnacle of gemstone luxury looks like.

Today, we’re taking an exciting journey into the world of gems and seeing just how dazzling these sparkling wonders can be.

Blue Diamonds: Rare Gemstone

Revered as the pinnacle of gemstone luxury, Blue Diamonds are considered the most expensive gemstone in the world. The attraction of sapphires lies in their extraordinary rarity and extraordinary beauty. Their exquisite blue colors, ranging from deep blue to vibrant sky blue, are the result of trace elements such as boron within the diamond’s carbon structure. This unique color creates gemstones with unique visual appeal and contributes to their enduring popularity.

Blue diamond gemstones
Blue Diamond 

Blue gems that shocked the world 

Hope Diamond: One of the earliest known sapphires is the “Hope Diamond”, the first traces of which are believed to have been found in India in 1666 by the French gem merchant Jean Baptiste Tavernier. This gem is full of legends and myths. Stories ranging from it being stolen from a statue in India to it carrying a centuries-old curse that can bring bad luck to its owners have contributed to its mystique and notoriety over the years.

While its value is considered priceless, the Hope Diamond, a 45.52-carat blue diamond, has been on display at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC, since 1958. Its rich history, including stories of curses and ownership by royals, has added to its mystique.


Oppenheimer Blue Diamond: In 2016, the brilliant 14.62-carat Vivid Blue Diamond, the Oppenheimer Blue Diamond (Oppenheimer Neel Heera), set a new record when it sold for an astonishing $57.5 million at a Christie’s auction in Geneva. The unique color saturation and flawless cut of this remarkable gemstone make it the epitome of opulence and elegance.

Josephine’s Blue Moon: In 2015, a breathtaking 12.03-carat cushion-cut blue diamond, “Josephine ka Blue Moon”, made history when it sold for an astonishing $48.4 million at a Sotheby’s auction in Geneva. The diamond’s flawless cut and stunning blue color set a new world record for the highest price ever paid for a diamond per carat.

Pink diamonds: the center of attraction in the world of art and fashion

Pink was never a common color in the world of art and fashion. From captivating Renaissance poets and artists to becoming a favorite of the modern bourgeoisie, subtle blends of this color are the epitome of innovation and elegance. As a result of inventions and research, reputable institutions have invested a lot of time and money in labeling various pink shades. The Gemological Institute of America, commonly known as GIA, is an influential organization in the field of gemology and the jewelry industry. This non-profit organization provides the accurate and unbiased classification of colored gemstones based on color, cut, carat, and clarity. According to the institute, “Of all the gems presented before it, less than 5% are labeled primarily as pink.”

Pink Star Diamond: Among all the pink gemstones, the Pink Star Diamond is one of the most famous and expensive gemstones worldwide. According to GIA, it is the largest naturally occurring pink diamond with flawless internal clarity and strikingly vivid pink color. According to historical accounts, cutting this diamond was a meticulous process that took over two years. The rough stone initially weighed 132.50 carats, but after cutting, its weight was reduced to 59.60 carats. This extraordinary gem fetched a staggering $71.1 million at a Sotheby’s auction in Hong Kong.

Other famous pink gemstones that have broken prices at auctions include

Williamson Pink Star: This is one of the recent entries in the list of most expensive gemstones. It is a rare-grade classified pink gemstone. It is an 11.15-carat cushion cut gem with the most vivid pink color saturation ever discovered. The exceptional clarity, rough crystal structure, and exquisite cuts give it the distinction of being one of the most valuable gemstones in the world. According to reports, this intrinsically flawless Tanzanian beauty has been sold to an unknown buyer It was purchased for approximately $57 million at a Sotheby’s auction in Hong Kong it is now counted as the second most valuable gemstone in gemstone history.

Sweet Josephine: This 16.08-carat fancy vivid pink gemstone with VVS2 clarity was sold for $28.5 million at Christie’s in Geneva. It was later set in a four-prong platinum and gold metal ring with white diamonds set in a halo cut.

Unique Pink Ratna: A 15.38-carat pear-shaped fancy vivid pink gemstone cut by Cora International, it is believed to be the largest pear-shaped gemstone ever found in the world and was auctioned by Sotheby’s in Geneva in 2016. It was sold at auction for $31.5 million.

Summer Dresses

Sakura Pink: 15.81 carat fancy vivid pink purple-pink natural gemstone, graded by GIA in February 2020. Exceptional interior clarity helped Pink Sakura sell for $29.2 million at Christie’s in Hong Kong in 2021.

Jadeite: Emperor of Gems

Jadeite is considered one of the most valuable gemstones due to its extraordinary properties and deep spiritual significance in Chinese culture. Known as the “Stone of Heaven,” Jadeite is revered for its purity and connection to spirituality. It has been a symbol of wisdom, harmony, and security in China for centuries. It can often be seen carved into the shape of beads to be worn as a necklace or ring and can lead to higher knowledge.

The most prized color of jadeite is an intense, vivid green known as “Imperial Green”, characterized by its rich and translucent color. The rarity and beauty of this color increase its value considerably.

The most expensive jadeite stone ever sold at auction was the “Duisburg Green Dragon Jadeite Necklace”, which fetched a staggering $27.4 million in 2020. This exceptional necklace showcased a central gem: a large jadeite bead weighing an impressive 48.04 carats. The jadeite boasted exceptional translucence and a vibrant green hue, captivating the eye. Surrounded by sparkling diamonds and other exquisite materials, the entire piece formed a stunning composition. The combination of the jadeite’s remarkable color, its impressive size and shape, and the necklace’s historical significance all contributed to its record-breaking sale price. This event serves as a powerful testament to the enduring allure of jadeite within the gemstone world.

Ruby: Heart of the Earth

Ruby is considered one of the most important and widely appreciated expensive gemstones in astrology, due to its exceptional rarity, remarkable beauty, and cultural significance. In Hindu astrology, Ruby is considered the “King of Gemstones”, and thus it holds a special place in a person’s horoscope. They are associated with the Sun, which symbolizes power, passion, and prosperity. Apart from the astrological benefits of wearing a ruby, its deep red color has been popular among royal families and aristocrats for centuries. Historically, ruby ​​was considered a symbol of power, leadership, and passion, making it a common stone in the crowns and jewelry of kings and queens.

The most expensive ruby ​​ever sold at auction was the 14.23-carat Sunrise Ruby sold at Christie’s Geneva in 2015. This extraordinary gemstone is known for its stunning luster and intense red color, known as “pigeon’s blood”. This extremely rare gem was sold for a record-breaking amount of $30.3 million.

Emerald: Dream Green

At its richest green, Emerald can rival fresh spring grass. It is considered one of the most expensive gemstones in the world due to its exceptional rarity, rich green color, and cultural significance. In Hindu astrology, the emerald is associated with the planet Mercury and is believed to bring knowledge, wisdom, and good fortune to its wearer. This connection has fueled the demand for high-quality emeralds, especially among those looking for astrological benefits.


Fine emeralds can fetch prices that are no less than astronomical amounts. One of the most beautiful and valuable emeralds in the world is the “Rockefeller Emerald”, an 18.04-carat Columbian emerald that has a vivid and highly saturated green color. It is the world’s largest flawless emerald, setting a record when it was sold for an estimated $5.5 million in 2017.

A world beyond prices

As we conclude our journey, it is important to remember that the value of these gems goes far beyond their price tags. They are relics of Earth’s history, symbols of human will, and masterpieces of natural artistry. Beyond the staggering price tags, each gemstone possesses a unique aura and whispers a story untold. Whether it’s the most coveted gem or a more modest stone, each one holds intrinsic value.

So, the next time you see a stunning piece of jewelry made from a gemstone, think about the incredible journey that gemstone has taken over the centuries and the human craftsmanship that has enhanced its natural beauty. In the dazzling world of gems, every piece is a testament to the magic and mystery of our planet.

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