Most Stylish Pastors in the World With a High Fashion Taste

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Stylish Pastors: Stylish pastors are not something that comes to mind when you think of high fashion. Men of the cloth no longer dress in long unappealing clothes like they used to appear several years ago. The clergy has also joined the fashion world with many of them often being seen in appealing clothes that still display their holistic character.

It should be noted that dressing well is part of being a good Christian and that it doesn’t lower your faith if you improve your fashion taste. I am not sure of how your pastor or reverend dresses, maybe you will share that with me later. For now, allow me to share with you my pick of the most stylish pastors in the world whose sense of fashion is something to talk about.

1.Pastor Adefarasin- Nigeria

He is no doubt one of the best-dressed pastors in the world. He gets on the pulpit in some of the most amazing outfits ever. His personal taste and appearance are what have made him appear first on this list.

Stylish Pastors 1

photo credit: Twitter

2. Rev.Lucy Natasha-Kenya:

Lucy Natasha’s taste in fashion will have you permanently glued to the screens as she ministers to the world. It seems that her fashion advisers are doing a great job. See this photo of the vocal Rev. Natasha from Kenya.


3. Pastor Wilkerson Jr. Stylish Pastors

The young pastor comes from the Miami Trinity church and is one of the most stylish, attracting millions of young men into the ministry.

Stylish Pastors 5


4. Pastor Judah Smith:

The pastor comes from Montage Hotel in Beverly hills. He is used to stepping out of packed auditoriums wearing brands like Saint Laurent and Dries Van Noten. Dressed in good-looking jeans and T-shirts, he is definitely very cute to his congregation.


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By Alex Munene

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