Movie Outfits versus Daily Outfits

Movie Outfit versus Daily Outfit
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Movie outfits never go unnoticed, Whether extravagant, pleasing at first glance or ugly, fashion movie outfits never go unnoticed. But what is the difference between the outfits in movies and our daily outfits?

Clothing is one of the most eye-catching elements in a film, so it’s not for nothing that it needs to be as colorful and extravagant as possible.

How are movie outfits put together?

Just like on the catwalk or in photo shoots, movie outfits are not meant to be worn every day, but only to attract attention and remain etched in the memory of viewers.
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At the same time, the spotlight is different from the daylight and everything on the glass is more pronounced. This is also a reason why colors need to be brighter and outfits more defined.

Starting with Sex and the City, Gossip Girl, The Devil wears Prada, or Emily in Paris, the rules are the same.
The basic idea is to have as many prints and colors as possible. At a closer look, you can see that half of them match each other, but then some totally inappropriate elements are added.
Many layers and even more accessories are used.
Wear formal, glittery, or sequined clothes in everyday situations.
Often they are built contrary to the styling rules. The center of interest is not distinguished, too many clothing styles together and the colors don’t match each other. Instead, this attracts attention.

The main characters are the most extravagant and the more unimportant the character becomes the simpler their outfits are.
The outfits are meant not only to show but also to accentuate the personality of each character.
That’s why the outfits are sometimes a bit exaggerated. For example, if the character is a businesswoman, she will be dressed in full business attire when in her work environment but will keep office elements in her outfit in all the scenarios in which she appears to accentuate her serious features. In everyday life, this is not always the case.
A tutorial for some inspiration

Movie Outfits versus Daily Outfit

How to wear movie outfits in your daily life

Simple. Don’t.
When a new fashion movie is on trend, designers copy immediately famous outfits, but you do not want to look like a desperate fan. Therefore, study each movie outfit and choose just the elements that resonate with your style and put your personal imprint on them.
Inspired by films that don’t fall under the category of fashion films, but have the theme of modern life and luxury. And if you’re into the vintage or classic style. Older films have featured some really great outfits. Breakfast at Tiffani’s and American Gigolo are a few examples.

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Take inspiration from the outfits of secondary characters, they are more real.
Keep only half of the items of a movie outfit and replace the rest with items from your basic wardrobe.

The most important thing is to know what works for you, find your personal style, and then look to add new elements. Inspiration can be found in any movie, magazine, or shop window.

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