Muslim Fashion Designers, making a difference

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(Breaking the barriers and giving the world a unique blend of fashion and culture, these passionate Muslim fashion designers have carved their names among the top trendsetters across the globe.)
In the times of the global village, isolating any community or group from the global happenings is hard. They are much affected by the happenings as they affect others. It is a mutual happening that does not leave any rock unturned in any sphere of life. The same goes for the fashion world. It is extensive, rapidly growing, and an ever-changing world of trends. From hair cuts to footwear trends, from casual to formal wear, from colors to cuts, everything is witnessing some changes all the time. These transitions and inspiring happenings are all because of the fashion designers who love the world to look good and stylish and want to break the monotony by adding something new all the time.

Muslim Fashion Designers

Islam and Muslims have always been labeled for their conservative thoughts. Usually, most people identify the religion with a fully cladding wardrobe with no style or inspiration. The thought is altered by none other than some of the top designers from the Muslim world. They have preserved their values and have brought them before the world in a stylish way. Here in this article, we will inform you about some change-makers who have introduced the world to the creativity and style behind the so-called conservative thoughts.

Muslim Fashion Designers that have added colors

Dina Torkia

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Dina Torkia is a British Muslim vlogger and fashion blogger. She is best known for her popular YouTube channel, which has over 600,000 subscribers. Torkia first gained attention for her unique take on hijab-wearing, and she has since become a leading voice in the modest fashion industry. Besides her work as a vlogger, Torkia is a writer and entrepreneur. Her first book, Modesty Is Cool, was published in 2016 with wide acclaim. Torkia is also the founder of the popular modest fashion blog Haute Hijab. Through her work, Torkia has helped normalize hijab-wearing and promote positive body image for Muslim women.

Jenahara Nasution

Jenahara Nasution is a Muslim fashion designer specializing in creating sustainable and environmentally friendly clothing. Born in Indonesia, Nasution grew up surrounded by traditional batik cloth production methods. This early exposure to the textile industry profoundly affected her later work as a designer. Batik is a labor-intensive process that involves dying cloth with wax and dye. Eventually, she developed a unique process using plant-based dyes and sustainable fabrics like bamboo and hemp. The result is a line of beautiful and environmentally friendly clothing that has earned Nasution international acclaim as one of the top Muslim fashion designers.

Hana Tajima

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Hana Tajima is a Tokyo-born, New York-based fashion designer, model, and Muslim lifestyle influencer. In 2011, she launched her eponymous modest wear label, which features stylish yet comfortable clothing for women who want to dress modestly. Since then, Tajima has become a leading voice in the modest fashion movement. She has used her platform to promote positivity and inclusivity. In 2017, she was named one of BBC’s 100 Women of the Year, and in 2018 she released her first book, Modest Fashion: Styling Bodies, Empowering Lives. Tajima is proof that you can be fashionable and devout, and her work is helping to change how the world perceives Muslim women.

Dilyara Sadrieva

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Dilyara Sadrieva was born in Uzbekistan and immigrated to the United States when she was six. She grew up in Queens, New York, and attended the High School of Fashion Industries. After graduation, she worked as a stylist for several years before enrolling in the Fashion Institute of Technology. She earned her BFA in fashion design in 2010 and has featured her designs in Vogue, ELLE, and Harper’s Bazaar. In 2013, she launched her own label, Dilyara Sadrieva, New York. Her Uzbek heritage inspires her collections and features luxurious fabrics and intricate embroidery. Her designs have been worn by celebrities such as Rihanna, Lily Aldridge, and Kendall Jenner and she is one of the top Muslim fashion Designers.

Anas Silwood

Anas Silwood is a fashion designer who quickly makes a name for himself in the fashion industry. His unique style combines influences from Eastern and Western cultures, and his clothes are loved by celebrities and everyday people. Born in Saudi Arabia, Anas grew up surrounded by beautiful fabrics and rich colors. This early exposure to color and texture had a lasting impact on him, which can be seen in his work today. With each new collection, Anas Silwood continues to wow the fashion world with his creativity and talent. Undoubtedly, he is one of the most exciting young designers to watch in the years to come.

We hope you will find some great outfits from the collections of these exceptional Muslim Fashion designers to fit your wardrobe

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By Nudrat Fatima 

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