Muslim wedding, a combo of values and rituals

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(Weddings mark the beginning of a new chapter of life. It is always a special moment and celebrated with all the festivities. A Muslim wedding is a brilliant mix of religious obligations and colorful events. Let’s visit a wedding in a Muslim family and learn about the happenings.)


Islam highly emphasizes the importance of marriage. In Islam, marriage is a legal contract between a man and a woman. In Islam, it is believed that physical and emotional intimacy are only to be shared between a husband and wife. Marriage is also seen to achieve spiritual purity and closeness to God. Because of this, Muslims are encouraged to marry young and to marry someone who shares their religious beliefs. Marriage is also seen to build powerful families and provide stability for children. In Islam, families are the foundation of society, and marriages play an essential role in preserving and strengthening family bonds. Religion considers the couple as a source of physical and spiritual comfort.

The wedding customs, rituals, and celebrations vary from country to country and religion to religion. Each of these marks a unique quality. The weddings follow some religious essentials, but they are equally influenced by geographical and societal factors. In a Muslim wedding, spirituality comes from the religious customs and the festivity from the local influences. Let us peep into the weddings happening in the Muslim families of South Asia that are an amazing blend of both spirituality and festivity.

Announcing the bond, the Imam Zamin

Muslim wedding

As the families decide to tie the knot, the groom’s mother visits the bride’s home along with sweets and clothes as gifts for the new to be a member of the family. The event stands out due to an ancient ritual of tying a silk piece of cloth called Imam Zamin around the arm of both the bride and the groom. This piece of cloth is ornamented with golden threads and added with beads and other ornaments. Divine words are written on the silk cloth and the purpose is to keep the evil eyes off.

Sharing the rings

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Engagement, the word, is not new for anyone around the globe. This marks the beginning of a new relationship. Engagement or ring sharing is much like it happens in other cultures. The new partners share the rings and vow to be at each other’s side for long.

Mayoun- Getting ready for the big day

Muslim wedding

This one-week time before the wedding is an introspective period where brides wear yellow clothes and don’t step out of their house until they get married. This leads many people to believe it’s a chance for them to reflect on what will happen with this new life. Still, in reality, you’re supposed to focus more than ever on how things should go at home these days, so there aren’t any problems when transitioning into being a wife/mother! Your whole family gets together. During this time, the family takes care of the bride physically (with food), mentally(calling spirits away), and spiritually through prayers.

Mehndi- an age-long tradition

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The mehndi ceremony is an important ritual for Indo-Pakistani Muslim brides. This women-led event marks the beginning of festivities leading up to their big day. Henna is applied on hands and feet with unique henna patterns. The celebrations are made further fun with traditional music & dance.


Nikkah- signing the lifelong love

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When the time comes, it’s an exciting event. The couple prepares for this momentous occasion with friends and family members who celebrate the happy beginning with prayers and good wishes. The ceremony begins with prayers from a Muslim priest so they may live harmoniously during their married life. Crazy puts forward his proposal, asking if she’ll marry “at her own will,” and the same question is put before the groom. Finally, acceptance leads them through final blessings. As per Islamic law, the groom must pay a certain amount called Mehr to the bride.

 Bidding farewell to a new bond

It is the most sentimental moment in the girl’s life. After signing the nikahnama, she bids farewell to those with whom she had spent a memorable childhood. The bride is taken to her bridal ride under the shadow of the holy book, the Quran. She throws back rice or lentils out of a tray, marking that she is no more the member of the family where she had spent years. The tears rolling down the cheeks of the bride and all those witnessing the moment make the event really heartfelt.

.Waleema- a meal to mark the new beginning

The day after the wedding, the groom’s family arranges a special meal called Waleema. This is another religious celebration that is a must-do after the bride has moved into her new home. The family and friends are served with the meal, and all the people pray for a happy life ahead.

This is how a Muslim couple begins a new life to LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

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By Nudrat Fatima 

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