Must-Have Ballet Essentials 2022

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Ballet is one of the arduous and gorgeous forms of art wherein creativity and emotion are combined in one. It is not just a sport or a hobby of a person, but it is a passion and determination of someone who loves Ballet.  It may be stressful at first but once you get to know the techniques and get used to them nothing is more serene than any other dance form. Here are the must-have ballet essentials.

Ballet Essentials Shoes (Pointe/ Toe Shoes)

ballet essentials shoes
ballet essentials
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For Ballerina, aside from the tights and leotards as well as the tutu one of the most important things they never leave behind is their Ballet Shoes. Without it, they won’t be able to dance and perform. It is essential for a Ballerina to choose the best Ballet shoes to avoid sprained, wounds in the feet, and other injuries Ballerina must encounter. The ballet shoes, also known as pointe or toe shoes should be stiff and flat to help the ballerina balance. The ribbons that are wrapped around the ankle will help the shoe to stay still. Mostly a ballerina uses their pointe shoe in training up into the final performance so that they will get used to it. 

Ballet Convertible Tights

ballet essentials tights
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Convertible tights are used not just for Ballet but we see this with another form of arts and sports as well. Usually, Ballerina uses convertible tights that have a hole under the foot converting them into footless tights.

Ballet Leg Warmer

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A leg warmer is not just for Ballet but other forms of dance use them as well whenever they have training. A leg warmer will help the ballerina and other dancers to keep the leg muscles warm and to prevent muscle injuries. There are a lot of styles of a leg warmer but for ballet usually, a ballerina uses a leg warmer for the calf. 

Ballet Warm-Up Wear

Before the big performance of a ballerina, they all went through deadly training to give the audience an awed look. To be able to give the best performance, it is important that they have the following things;

Ballet Leotards 

A leotard is a one-piece style and it has a stretchable fabric that helps the ballerina to move easily. They usually paired it with tights but other ballerina uses a leotard alone, especially in training.

Summer Dresses

Ballet Trash Bag Pants

Ballet trash bag pants are usually used for dancers to monitor and control body heat. It is used for working out as well.

Ballet Wrap Top On Legging

It is not common that a ballet top on legging is used for most ballerinas on training it is because it’s very comfortable and easy to move around, especially for the ballerina. Their clothes should be stretchable for them to flex easily whenever they dance.

Ballet Makeup

For ballet makeup, there are a lot of choices ballerina wear. The makeup should match the theme of the performance like a swan lake theme, the nutcracker, classical theme, or whatsoever.

Ballet Hair Style

Most of the ballerina fix their hair into a bun so that they can perform properly without bothering their hair to go on their face. An alternative hairdo for ballet is a fixed and clean ponytail.

Ballet Essentials Ladies Tutu

With all the tiring training and preparations for the big performance. A ballerina always makes sure that they have the best outfit for their performance and a Ballet Tutu is the solution to that. It has different colors and designs that a ballerina can choose. Sometimes it’s provided by the foundation or the production team especially if you are performing in a theater.

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