Nature Is Our First Inspiration Towards Fashion

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Although, the world has done many discoveries, inventions and many developments including in fashion fields. Today, All countries have many techniques to make various types of fashionable things like clothes, Jewellery and other luxurious things. But, the beauty of nature guides us directly for good, unique and fashionable things. We can get a lot of ideas from natural things and organisms like making a dress like a sparrow colour, making an umbrella like a mountain look and so on.

nature inspired dress 1

Here, Today I’m going to share some nature-inspired dresses which were worn by women on different occasions for the purpose to show the real Beauty of nature and life.

nature inspired dress 2

Here is a gorgeous look in a water waves costume which shows the reflection of blue sea, rivers and waterfall. It’s looking aesthetic and a different and unique fashion trend.

nature inspired dress 3

The other surprising outfit is a butterfly dress. Here, the celebrity looks like the queen of butterflies in her stunning fashionable wearing idea.

nature inspired dress 4

The next one is the flowering dress of the girl. She took the idea to design her dress from the natural beauty of flowers.

nature inspired dress 5

Who can think that a human can appear as an animal or Bird? Here is another outfit which is inspired by a black crowned crane.

nature inspired dress 6

The other dress was stitched based on the colours of steller’s Jay which was designed by famous designer Carlos Miele.


The other one is the jellyfish-inspired dress. I am surprised to see the things that we can’t imagine, people have done.

My favourite one is the fish-looking outfits which were worn by a celebrity at the time of her performance. She was looking like a queen of fish.

Similarly, there are many instances that inspired us to go back to nature. Nature is a real teacher, an influencer who has everything that we need and what we want and what’s necessary for us. We use different types of harmful and artificial substances for creating new costumes, jewellery, makeup tools and so on. But, these all things fall negative effects on our body and mind also. So, It’s necessary to maintain a balance between nature and people for making a healthy as well as the fashionable world. We should use natural threads, ropes, and decorative items, and should make patterns on our dresses like leaves, flowers, trees, butterflies and other whatever looks in nature. We should take raw materials from natural plants and animals.

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By Komal

Images From Pinterest

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