Nicki Minaj: 7 of her Most Outrageous Hairstyles!

Nicki Minaj in The Pink Cotton Candy hairstyle
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Nicki Minaj is an unchallenged ruler of rap not just because of her rapid and fire-driven flow and jaw-dropping performances, but also because she is a fashion icon, especially with her ever-changing extremely daring hairstyles. She intermittently steps outside of the box of what is acceptable to sport vibrant colors, gravity-defying patterns, or wigs that are incredibly fabulous from head to toe. I will be taking you through 7 best hairstyles by Nicki Minaj.

1. The Pink Cotton Candy Dream By Nicki Minaj:

A hairdo that Nicki Minaj wears once in a while that makes her stand out is a pink cotton candy-inspired one. The very voluminous curls that are tinted with flashy bubblegum bring forth a sense of playfulness in this very strong and daring style of Minaj.

Nicki Minaj in The Pink Cotton Candy hairstyle

2. Rainbow Unicorn Mane:

It isn’t about doing the safe stuff and keeping it understated, that’s not what Minaj does. Her showcase rainbow unicorn hair is an indication of the fact that it is about getting out of the comfort zone and trying. Based on the array of juicy tones falling from hair like a bunch of waterfalls, this godsent attire is simply remarkable.

3. Barbie Blonde Bombshell By Nicki Minaj:

The quintessential Barbie Inspiration of Minaj was her dazzling platinum locks cut to perfection. Apart from the classic red lipstick and luscious lashes, this glamorous get-up cemented her smashing status all over the fashion scene.

Nicki Minaj in The Barbie Blonde Bombshell hairstyle

4. Medusa-inspired Snakeskin Braids:

The famous profile with snakes from the Medusa myth on the medusa-inspired-snakeskin braids was praised and enjoyed by many fans. Fringed with the metal flashes and enriched with masterful details but still glamorous and wonderful.

Medusa-inspired Snakeskin Braids sexy hot

5. Harajuku Barbie Fantasy By Nicki Minaj:

Minaj’s Japanese street fashion love, which further appears in her Harajuku Barbie fantasy hairdo, cannot be seen at all. This combination of vivacious shades, oversized bows, and the funkiest accessories to this charmingly funny look, unlike any other context, reflects her eclectic nature.

Harajuku Barbie Fantasy By Nicki Minaj

6. Retro Glamour with a Twist:

The iconic singer is also seen flaunting her style that elevates the old-school glam by adding her signature kick in her retro-inspired updo reminiscent of old movies and adorned with accessorize.

Nicki Minaj in The Retro Glamour with a Twist hairstyle

7. Futuristic Space-age Chic By Nicki Minaj:

Last on my list is Minaj’s snazzy hairstyle that brings to imagination the futuristic space-age intercourse. Although characterized by hairdos in clean silver and geometric shapes, this avant-garde outfit manages to perfectly fit her crazy image and futuristic style.




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