Pakistani Actor Ahad Raza Mir Dressing

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Ahad Raza Mir is one of the Pakistani actors liked by me and also the most famous among Pakistani females. He has a captivating personality which makes him attractive. He used to work and still working on Urdu Television series.

He has a good taste in fashion. He is a style star whose looks are so popular and his acting is also liked in Pakistan. Although he may not have been a part of the Pakistani drama industry for a long time, he has won over the hearts of Pakistani with his swoon-worthy looks and his next-level charms.

His performances are lovable and appreciable. People use to say that Ahad has no perfection in the selection of combo of dressing and has very bad taste in wardrobe, but his fashion and wearing styles are getting famous day by day.

What is the reason behind this? The main reason is his presenting personality which makes everything unique whatever he wears. Moreover, some of his things are specific, one of them is he usually keeps a specific hairstyle that appears on many occasions. 

It suits his black silky hair he never uses dyed hair or intends to change his hairstyle for any occasion. He usually use to be clad in a custom made up of Maroon Plaid suit, Those Blackish Burgundy brogues by Gomila Intersole added to the look.

  • Ahad Raza Mir Deep Red on Red Carpet

Presenting a boy himself on a red carpet with deep red coat pants with such a blush of attraction and perfection is not very easy. How to carry yourself so well on the red carpet is also an art for males. He praised his bright shades off with the white shirt and make a balance perfectly.

Shortly, he is presenting himself with smooth black hair and subtle smiles, refining his looks and making them more prominent. The way of balancing and standings impressed a lot of people.

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Ahad Raza Mir red carpet

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  • Elegant Black Tuxedo

Ahad in the 2002 Lux Style awards wore an elegant black elegant outfit that was a heartthrob. That was a tuxedo of black color with lapels of black silk on the coat and a combo of the white inner shirt.

Additionally, he also wore cufflinks on his white shirt as a part of a tuxedo and used by many men in Pakistan. And a black vase coat inside the coat was appearing because of the unbuttoned coat.

Ahad Raza Mir black tuxedo

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  • Classic Black Suit

Wearing a classic black suit makes the wearer feel as well as look classy. But by the touch of a different thing like Ahad has done coupling a twist of swanky scarf rolled in his neck.

Also, the lapels of the coat are made of red silk. It makes the whole look cool and laidback charming and very classy. Personally, it is also praised-able and needs to highlight.

Ahad Raza Mir black suit

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  • Pant Coat Outfit

Awesomely, Here Ahad has outfitted in a full black dress from head to toe. He wore a simple black, unbuttoned coat, a black T-shirt covering his half neck, and black pants.

He wore a black belt along the pants and his looks are outstanding. The glamor of that personality is more apparent here just because of his unforgettable looks. Consequently, this is appearing that this outfit has only been designed for him.

Ahad Raza Mir pant coat

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  • Ahad Raza Mir Turquoise Sports Jacket

Ahad wore a turquoise sports jacket along with a combo of black tight pants and brown color pointed shoes. He has been strictly criticized by fashion designers due to his imperfection and zig-zag wardrobe.

Fashion criticizers say that Ahad has no sense of wardrobe on some occasions. But, this habit made him the top-perfect fashion model material because he perfected looks in the zig-zag outfits he use to adapt.

Ahad Raza Mir sport jacket

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By Rabia Syeda

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