Personal Take: Remedy For A Dry Skin

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It’s raining a lot lately from where I live and it gives me a rough and dry feeling for my skin which I don’t like about.


As a woman, we should take good care of our skin, and what I mean about it is that we should take time to help our skin to moisturize and exfoliate from our day-to-day activities to avoid dry skin. Branded or pricey products are not necessary because there are a lot of natural remedies that we can see in our home to help us relieve our skin from being dry.

One of the examples that I remember from my childhood is the ‘Aloe vera Plant’. We sometimes used it to strengthen the roots of our hair and it’s effective, aside from that aloe vera can help you to have glowy and soft skin as well together with olive oil and honey.

But since we live in the 21st century some of us are not doing the natural way of healing our skin because there are products that we can buy online and in the department store. And yes! Aside from them being ‘ready-made for us they are also effective and helpful for our skin to avoid being damaged (though not all products are helpful).

So I want to share with you the things that I usually do to avoid dry skin.

TIP 1 💡

Use a body scrub and body wash to peel off the dead skin from your body.

TIP 2 💡

After taking a shower apply body lotion that nourishes dry skin. I am using a lightweight and breathable feel lotion with soothing oat. It’s fragrance-free and I love it! It softens and smoothens the skin which is perfect for dry skin.


TIP 3💡

Use a body serum to exfoliate dry skin but I don’t recommend this one since we are using a body lotion already.

TIP 4 💡

For the face, apply;

Water-Based Cleanse to remove dirt from makeup or to freshen up your face from oily feeling.

Moisturizer is very important to exfoliate the skin from feeling dry.

Hydrating Serum is my favorite. Having hydrating skin is a must, especially in cold weather.

Toner is to balance and remove blemishes.

TIP 5 💡

With all the beauty products I think my TIP number 5 is the best solution to avoid dry skin. Drink plenty of water! At least 8-10 glasses every day is such a big help for our skin and other organs in the body.


Dry skin is a quite uncomfortable feeling that is why we girls should find a way to make our skin smooth and soft. These might be basic routines for healing dry skin but it helps to soften the skin.

Photo credit to the respective owners in Pinterest. Thank you ❤

By Belle

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