Personal Take: Season Change, Fashion Change!

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Who among you here waited for the new season to arrive? Well, Autumn has finally come! It reminds me of how fast everything changes. From green to orange. From hot summer air to cold autumn breeze. Leaves falling to the ground. The heavy trench coat that was out of the closet ready to welcome the winter.  

As we welcome the new season, there are some changes that we welcome as well. It means that in life, we do changes that help us learn and help us to be a better version of ourselves. That includes our fashion and style. For this entry, I am going to tell you how important we value the changes in our lives and how fashion changes us. 


How Seasons Change A Person


How Seasons Change A Person

With every season that arrives, we encounter a lot of experiences, good and bad. Sometimes we make a mistake or had a wonderful memory that we don’t want to forget. They said, all the magical and unforgettable memories happened in Summer. But for me, it is in Autumn. As the season changed and settled in on the earth, I, myself settled in as well. In a way of accepting changes in my life. I pray to God to give me an Autumn to remember. For the past months, I admit I’ve been too hard on myself. I was frustrated and anxious about life. I’ve been through many ups and down’s in life that make me hesitate always to step out into the real world. There’s always a part of me that is afraid. I have all my “what if’s” and “doubts”. I have a hard time trusting people. Above all, I pretended to be strong in front of other people just to hide my naivety’ and confusion about the reality of life.

That is why when the time comes, I allow myself to be free and just go with the wave of the ocean until it brings me to the biggest change of my life. So, how does the season change a person? Simple, You simply embrace it until you get used to it and you find ways how to deal with these changes.

Season Change, Fashion Change!

Season Change, Fashion Change!

Talking about changes, as the season change and how our life goes on its way. We also embrace a new change which is Fashion! I am a girl who admires fashion very much. I have a different taste and style when it comes to fashion just like everyone else and that makes us unique. Our differences. 

I always feel excited about changing my style to Autumn. But I want to make a difference, I don’t want to stick to a traditional autumn color which is orange and leafy colors. Mix and Match is my specialty and I want my autumn outfits to be a season change that anyone would admire too. Maybe an off-white coat will do with a pair of brown boots and a belt perhaps. Also adding some accessories would be a great idea to make the whole look perfect. 


Sometimes What We Need Is A Change


Sometimes a change is what we need. We’ve all been through a lot in different ways. We all have good and bad memories and that is okay. Season change? Embrace it! It is up to you to make things better. Go out there and be free. Wear that autumn fashion you have in your closet and explore the new season and its changes. 


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