Personal Take: SHEIN Outfit Review

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I started using the Shein app last December where I got my outfit for the new year. I feel satisfied and happy with my order (although not all ✌) but Shein is a great online app to purchase your OOTD plus it’s very affordable and it ships nationwide which is a good thing. So here are the few items that I feel satisfied with.

Drip Neck Criss Cross Back Cami Dress


This is my first purchase in Shein and I love the fit. I got an extra small and it fits me perfectly. I actually copied this look for our New Year’s family photoshoot. Black heels and a round earring are such a vibe for this look. If I’m not mistaken, there are other colors of this dress but I choose this one because it’s the color that my family chooses for the New Year.

Bikini On Style


I ordered a lot of swimsuits but these 3 are my favorite. I’m not into wearing colored clothes but these Red and Mustard bikinis are too cute not to wear. I also love the clothing quality and the fit is amazing, especially the black one l I love the cutouts of the bikini top.

Rib-Knit Tank Top



I got 2 colors of this top, marron and brown. I was hesitant to order this tank top at first because I feel like it will make me look bigger but it’s not. It fits me very well and I love how the tank top hugged my body which gives an emphasis. I paired it with white jeans and the other one is denim high-waisted shorts I also wear a belt just to add extra accessories to my outfit. The quality of the tank top does not pass my taste but it’s quite well.

Shoulder Padded Top


A shoulder-padded top is my second favorite purchase. I got it in color white and black. What I like about it is the clothing quality, though it’s very different from what I got from Zarra it’s better and a little bit pricey, but Shein has a clothing quality that is different from other brands and I always feel amazed with the sizes, it’s true to size. The black one that I ordered, I paired it with skinny denim jeans, and the white one I copied the style in the picture because I find it cute and chic 😅✌.

You see before Pinterest is my fashion inspiration for what and how should I style my look but now, I have Shein, and I love how they match every outfit which is a big help as well ☺❤.

Notice: This Blog is not sponsored by Shein. It is my personal take on the outfits that I purchased from them. Thank you ❤

Photo credit in SHEIN. Thank you ❤

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