Pink Sapphire vs. Ruby: Color Differences & Value

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Pink sapphire and rubies are those types of stunners that are too hard to resist. Both these gemstones occur in colors that are famously used to express love, romance, passion, and affection. While pink sapphire is known for its delightful pink color, ruby is notable for its rich red color. Lovers of color gemstones have created a lot of buzz regarding the color differences and value of these two beauties over the years. If the buzz has finally caught your attention and you want to learn about these gemstones, this is the right article to read through. Ahead, we talk about pink sapphires and rubies in detail. So, read this article in its entirety!

Pink Sapphire

To learn about pink sapphire, we need to learn a bit about sapphire first. Sapphire is a highly coveted gemstone. This popular stunner occurs in many colors, including brown, yellow, purple, orange, and pink, to name a few. Blue is sapphire’s most celebrated color variety. All the other color varieties of sapphire except blue are known as fancy sapphires. Pink sapphire is one of the most cherished fancy sapphires. In addition, after blue, this is the one that commands the highest prices among all types of sapphires. No doubt pink sapphire is one of the major fancy sapphires that are calling the shots when it comes to fine jewelry.


To learn about ruby, we need to learn a bit about corundum. Corundum is the second hardest natural mineral after diamond and it’s famous for its two gemstone varieties: ruby and sapphire. Yes, both ruby and sapphire belong to the corundum mineral family. Ruby is gem-quality red corundum, whereas all other color varieties of gem-quality corundum are called sapphires. Ruby has been cherished by people for centuries because of the gemstone’s fiery appearance, impressive durability, and unique symbolism. Ruby is a symbol of passion, and early cultures prized this gemstone because its color best resembles the color of blood. Back then people thought rubies held the power of life, adding to the reverence of these beauties.

Pink sapphire and ruby gemstone

Differences in Color

The difference between the colors of pink sapphire and ruby has always been one of the hottest topics of debate among lovers of precious gemstones. The color of pink sapphire ranges from light red to light purple with weak to intense color saturation. Pink sapphire gets its color due to the increased concentration of chromium in its crystalline structure. On the other hand, rubies are fascinating gemstones with dominant red hues. The hues of ruby range from pinkish, purplish, orangey, and brownish to dark red.

The borderline between the color of pink sapphire and ruby depends on whether you consider pink a separate color from red. Many people consider pink a separate color from red. Such people find a big difference between the colors of ruby and pink sapphire. For them, a gemstone with a dominant red hue is ruby and a gemstone with a light red hue is pink sapphire. On the contrary, some people fail to make a distinction between the colors of the two gemstones.

According to a renowned American gemologist, back in the day, people used to consider all pink and red gemstones as rubies. They made no distinction between the colors of the two gemstones. So, the difference in the colors of pink sapphire and ruby ultimately boils down to your perspective of the color pink. If you think it’s a different color than red, you know where to draw the line between the two colors.

Pink sapphire and ruby

Difference in Value

Pink sapphire is greatly desired for its feminine pink color among ladies. Modern women who want to express their beauty with a fascinating gemstone choose pink sapphire. Moreover, lovers of sapphires also choose this gemstone because of its high popularity in fashion jewelry. However, when it comes to value, ruby surpasses pink sapphire because of its intense red color and rich history. The color of ruby affects its value like nothing else does. When opting for a ruby, go for a gemstone whose color is neither too dark nor too light. If the color of a ruby is too dark, it’ll harm its brightness. On the other hand, if the color of ruby is too light, it’ll be confused for a pink sapphire.


Summing Up

Ruby and pink sapphire are two kings of the gemstone jewelry world. Both these gemstones have an appealing color and impressive hardness & durability. In addition, both these gemstones are on top of the gemstone jewelry realm in the present times. So, you can opt for any of the two gemstones for your next jewelry piece. If you’re looking for a pair of pink sapphire earrings, GemsNY will be a good place to start. They have a vast collection of ruby and pink sapphire jewelry pieces that you can buy at attractive prices. So, check out their collection and shop your favorite jewelry pieces without breaking the bank.

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