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No horizontal stripes for you! You should avoid bright colors! You’re too short for this dress!




plus size



Why do we have to choose?

Do you hate my body or the fact that I am comfortable with my body?

Why don’t I get to wear that horizontal stripes top that I once bought very excitedly? Why am I looked down upon when I wear that neon-colored baby tee, the same one that you wore last week, just because my body isn’t exactly like yours. Oh sorry! let me fix that…

Am I too skinny for this oversized shirt? You feel ashamed to be seen with me because I seem malnourished. I’m really sorry for how I look, just need some time to fix myself according to your choice.

‘Plus size” isn’t labeling someone inspirational or motivational by being” plus size”, basically stereotyping? Aren’t we categorizing them by suggesting that they are someone whose fashions needs are secondary? 


Are fashion and size-related?

plus size

Fashion is what trends and the last thing I remember nobody likes being trended. Style is what makes you unique so why change it for others’ liking.

Why do I hate shopping while others enjoy it? is it because I hate confronting my body? yes!

Why isn’t shopping for bags and purses difficult? is it because they don’t come in sizes nor they are endorsed for a certain ”body type ‘, isn’t it?

Did the dress deem fit for certain body types? why body types? isn’t a body? why is my body being categorized, why can’t it be just my body?

Are you too finding these stereotypes outdated? this is because a body is not a debatable subject to be deemed fit or not? It is your property to love and style according to your liking. 


Are brands responsible for these stereotypes?

Yes! if it weren’t for those famous model walks down on the ramps done by the models of certain ” body types”, thousands of girls wouldn’t have cried themselves to sleep that night after starving themselves, and that one little girl wouldn’t have eaten more due to others taunting her on her plus size body.

You've found the one, now I find the dress.

Would this all end someday?

Many brands worldwide are rejecting the idea of these stereotypes and have now considered killing the categories attached to different clothing items and are finally committing to offer a greater range of sizes in their fashion lines instead. Many have now started believing that these marginalized categories are outdated and all that’s keeping these labels alive is history- and the ugly side of the fashion industry.

This is a result of progress in the fashion world and many believe that with such great mindsets we can completely eliminate the stigma of having a ”certain body”.

What are your thoughts on this? Comment your thoughts down below!

Thank you!


By Mishaal

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