Quinceanera Dresses: What Tips To Follow While Shopping?

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Are you preparing for your Quinceanera or headed to attend someone’s Quinceanera for the first time? Do you know what it is or how to expect the Quince to appear? If not, then you are probably not the only one! We have compiled a quick guide for you to learn about the traditions of Quinceanera dresses both for the birthday girl and the guests. So, without further ado, let’s get started. 

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What Is A Quinceanera?

Quinceanera is a Latin tradition that is quite similar to the Sweet Sixteen celebration in American culture. The tradition is basically the celebration of a young girl’s 15th birthday. It includes lots of dance, food, tradition, and a huge party, Quinceanera celebration involves the presence of the whole family and friends to help the Quince through the transition from childhood to adulthood. 

What Are Quinces Supposed To Wear?

Traditionally, Quinceanera is the first time when Quinces are expected to wear makeup for the first time in public. However, since the times have changed girls usually start wearing makeup at an early age. 

Other than that, the birthday girls are expected to step into formal beautiful Quinceanera dresses. The traditional Quinceanera dresses are usually like long ball gowns, which the girl herself or her mother chooses for her for this special occasion. 

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How To Pick Cute Quinceanera Dresses: Tips

There may be a lot to consider while planning a Quinceanera celebration, but how can we forget about the dress for the special occasion?


Here we have put together a list of essential tips for your reference when you wander in the market for beautiful Quinceanera dresses:

Tip 1: Set A Budget 

Consult with your family or whoever is going to buy a Quinceanera dress about how much they are willing to spend on your outfit. 

Once you have a particular budget at hand, you’ll save time and look for attires that fit your pocket and you won’t get disappointed. 


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Tip 2: Understand Your Body Type 

Comfort is a big part of looking beautiful on your big day!

You can’t look confident and comfortable if the dress doesn’t flatter you right. Thus, before you start shopping, make sure to assess your body type and consider the type of outfit that would suit you. 

Tip 3: Prepare Your Mood Board

Don’t get overwhelmed with the trends and styles you find in the market. Knowing what you exactly want might be the most difficult and confusing task of this overall journey. 

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However, you need to start from somewhere, right? Thus, begin your search for the perfect dress while keeping several visions in mind and later create a Pinterest board for the ones you like. 

This way, you’ll at least have the slightest idea of what elements you may want in your Quinceanera dresses. 

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Tip 4: Choose a Flattering Color And Fabric Type 

Traditionally the Quinceanera outfit was supposed to be of white or other light pastel color with intricate beading or sequins. However, since the times have changed – more and more young women are attracted to choosing a blend of modernity with traditional styles. 

Ultimately, no matter what type of gown you choose, make sure to pick a color, fabric, and cut that matches your personality!


Tip 5: Don’t Shy From Trying As Many Dresses As Possible

Although it might be an exhausting task, trying on several gowns will give you a clear idea of what will work best for you and what won’t. 

For this, be sure to have plenty of time at hand – atleast 6-9 months. Choose either online or brick-or-mortar stores, whatever works for you to find your pick!

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Some Quince Dress Types Of Modern Times

Other than the traditional Quinceanera dresses, many girls opt for more modern-looking attires. 

Some of the most loved and beautiful Quinceanera dress options in various lengths, from short and knee-length to full-length floor-sweeping gowns include:

  • Ball Gowns

A timeless style with a fitted bodice and A-shaped skirt, flattering for all body types. Featuring intricate details like beading and lace overlays, offering a traditional yet modern look

  • A-Line Outfits 

Elegant and classic, with a fitted bodice and full skirt that flares from the waist. Available with exquisite details such as beading and lace appliques.

  • Mermaid Silhouettes 

Snug-fitting bodice with a flaring skirt that accentuates curves, available in various colors and fabrics. Options include princess dresses for a statement-making look.

  • Short-Length Quince Dresses

Modern styles ranging from mini to midi lengths, are perfect for making a statement. Featuring embellished bodices and floral appliques for a unique touch.


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Dressing As A Guest For A Quinceanera Celebration 

People walking in as guests for a Quinceanera must be wondering the right ways to dress up for the occasion. Here is a quick guide for you:

  • Long Evening Gowns 

A long evening gown with a high neckline and slit would work perfectly as a guest outfit.

Choose the colors, be it bright or neutral, depending on your personality. 

Make sure to do your hair right and the accessories light. 

  • Two Piece Outfits 

Two-piece is a trending outfit pattern that would work exceptionally well for you when you enter a celebration as a guest. 

However, since your midriff would be exposed, make sure to check with the host whether it would meet their dress code or not. 

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