Rating of the best men’s leather jackets for 2024

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Men’s leather jackets can say a lot about the owner, emphasizing his taste and preferences in choosing clothes. Such models are especially popular because they look stylish and provide excellent protection from cold and wind in bad weather. Studying the basic recommendations will simplify the process of purchasing the right product and help you avoid common mistakes.

Main types of leather jackets

The peak of the popularity of leather jackets occurred in the 50s of the last centuries. Such models have become an integral attribute of Hollywood actors, and over time they have become in demand among representatives of various social strata of society. They could be seen at prestigious fashion shows, and celebrities managed to create a unique and inimitable image with their help.

Aviator jacket

This jacket was worn by Tom Cruise in the movie Top Gun, after which it became incredibly popular. The film demonstrated a lightweight version, and modern manufacturers offer clothing items that are warmer and more comfortable to wear. The model fits perfectly with the following wardrobe items:

  • classic jeans
  • non-voluminous jumpers
  • rough men’s boots

Aviator jackets are in demand in the army; they are considered a classic and a win-win option for any man. They make it easy to create a military-style look and highlight the owner’s masculine charisma.

Bomber jacket

Gained popularity thanks to actor James Dean. The bomber jacket is considered a universal option and is suitable for almost all men, regardless of age and body type. It is characterized by the following features:

  • increases insufficiently broad shoulders;
  • perfectly emphasizes the torso and waist level;
  • creates the effect of stretching the neck thanks to the high collar.
  • A bomber jacket goes great with cashmere, denim, and colorful and bright shirts. It can be worn with skinny trousers, including skinny pants made of various materials.

Biker jacket

The jacket gained recognition thanks to Marlon Brando, who starred in the famous film “The Savage”. The following items go great with a biker jacket:

  • black skinny jeans;
  • T-shirt with an original print or plain;
  • high boots with thick soles.

This model can make any man look brutal, emphasizing his advantages and hiding his figure flaws. To create a harmonious image, it is important to choose the right wardrobe items.

Leather jacket with hood

David Beckham is considered a fan of leather jackets with a hood. Critics still disagree about whether to classify such a model as casual or sportswear. Young people who prefer to dress in a casual style love to wear it. Jackets of this cut pair well with crewneck T-shirts and chinos.


A special category is represented by transformable jackets that have detachable elements. Their advantage is considered to be versatility, since depending on wishes they turn into a lightweight or insulated model. The ability to replace the collar with a hood allows you to radically change your appearance and adapt to weather conditions.

Tips for choosing

When choosing a leather jacket, it is important to consider your body type. Those with broad shoulders and a slender figure are recommended to give preference to bomber jackets. This model will make men who tend to be overweight visually even more plump.

Leather jackets with a voluminous cut should be chosen by tall men with a standard physique. The peculiarity of such products is the abundance of zippers, pockets, and other decorative elements that “eat up” growth and create the effect of fullness.

Thin and tall representatives of the stronger half of humanity are advised to pay attention to models with a belts. It will visually emphasize the shoulder and chest areas, visually increasing their volume. For those with a thick build, straight-cut leather jackets are better suited.

Features of the choice of materials and colors

The most popular are considered to be black and dark brown shades. The trend in fashion shows in recent years has been bright colors, including bright red, dark blue, and rich chocolate. The choice of spectrum largely depends on the wearing characteristics and where you plan to wear the item.

The black color scheme is great for creating a classic and business look. Models in blue and brown shades look good with denim trousers. They are recommended for everyday wear, and bright colors are usually chosen by confident men who are not afraid to experiment.

The comfort and durability of a leather jacket largely depend on the quality of the material and manufacturing technology. Natural raw materials withstand external influences well and have characteristic roughness along the edges of the cuts. It is important to pay attention to the following points:

  • leather thickness – must be the same over the entire surface of the product;
  • quality of seams – the lines are even, without gaps, or knots, and made of strong threads;
  • convenience of fittings – locks, rivets, and other elements must be reliable and not cause difficulties during operation;
  • brand awareness – purchasing a product from a well-known manufacturer guarantees a high-quality product with a long service life;

The quality of the lining determines the comfort of wearing and the level of protection from environmental factors.

The advantage of modern leather jackets is considered to be versatility. If desired, you can choose a demi-season or winter model that will protect you from cold, gusts of wind, and bad weather at any time of the year.

Benefits of leather jackets and the importance of size

Modern leather jackets are completely different from the models that were on the market a few years ago. They are characterized by lightweight, attractive designs and are made of high-quality materials.

If desired, you can choose demi-season options that will provide excellent protection from gusts of wind and rain. Insulated products with fur and special padding are optimal for winter, and for this time of year, it is recommended to choose models with a collar or hood. The advantages of modern leather jackets are considered to be:

  • reliable protection from wind, rain, and other negative environmental factors;
  • a unique combination of the heat resistance of fur with the unpretentiousness and moisture resistance of leather;
  • a variety of models, thanks to which you can experiment with images;
  • emphasizing the social status, good taste, and style of the owner;
  • resistance of the skin surface to various types of pollution and ease of care;

A leather jacket must be selected taking into account the size, which will ensure wearing comfort. It is recommended to focus on the items in your wardrobe, and if difficulties arise, follow the tips from special tables.

Real leather can become deformed over time, which is important to consider when trying it on. Don’t choose clothes that are too tight and hope that they will stretch over time.

The item should “sit” on the shoulders and not gather in folds on the back. The optimal option is considered to be a situation where the sleeves cover the arm by 3 cm. After putting it on, it is recommended to move and walk around in the jacket to check that there is no stiffness in your movements.


Rules for choosing a leather jacket

In the first stage, you need to decide on the style of your leather jacket, which will significantly narrow the number of possible options. It is recommended to get an answer in advance about where you plan to go with her and what things she will wear.

Next, you should decide on your budget since the market offers exclusive options and premium products, the price tag for which can be very high. The cost is influenced by the following factors:

  • brand awareness;
  • quality of materials;
  • presence of intermediaries;
  • features of the model.

Purchasing goods via the Internet allows you to save significantly since this option eliminates the additional link in the form of intermediaries. Online stores often organize sales and special promotions, thanks to which you can save a lot on your purchase. You can save money by purchasing the model you like outside of the high season when you can get the item at a significant discount.

When choosing, it is important to take into account the features of the figure, since the item should emphasize the advantages and hide the shortcomings. The model may be equipped with a collar, and in this case, it is necessary to take into account the type of face. Owners of an oval shape do not have to worry, as it is considered universal. In the case of a square or oval chin, options with a stand-up collar should be avoided, as such an element can also visually lengthen or shorten the neck.


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