Remove the Bad Effects of Mangal Dosh by Red Coral

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The Red Coral gemstone is one of the powerful gemstones called the Navratans. These gemstones all have unique properties which with their energies provide a lot of benefits to the person who wears them. These gemstones are strongly linked with the energies of the universe. And this includes the astrological planets as well as our lives.

Every person is born under the stars at a particular time, at which the position of the planets decides the fate of the person. Astrological studies read all these signs and positions of planets to check your life’s ways and help you lead a better life.

These cosmic radiations can have an effect on our mind, body, and soul. The energies that the Red coral gemstone has will also change your life in many ways which we will discuss in this article.

Astrological Significance of the Red Coral

An original red coral gemstone is found in the depths of water. This stone is a rare stone and an expensive one as well. This is because the stone is made over hundreds of years in water. The formation is by the skeletal of the marine creatures called Coral polyps, hence the name. The solid red color of this stone is a beauty that looks quite magnificent.

In astrology, the Red coral stone is linked with the energy of the red planet Mars. Mars is its ruling planet and so it will provide the connection to the energies whether it be negative or positive.

Mars in a negative position in your Kundli is called the Mangal dosh which is a cause of troubles in your life. Mangal dosh can create obstacles in all the positive and auspicious events of your life.

How to remove this Mangal dosh through the use of a red coral stone is mentioned in the next section.


Removing the Mangal Dosh

To remove the mangal dosh from your Kundli and life, you have to wear a red coral gemstone. But you cannot just wear the stone just like that. You have to wear the red coral in such a form that one part of the gemstone is touching you. You can wear it as a pendant, ring, or bracelet.

Also, before you wear the stone, the energization of the red coral stone is crucial. Before you have reached the stone, it must have come to you through a process and many people would have touched it. And so, their energies must have a link with the stone which you have to remove to let the stone work only for you.

For that, perform a Vedic pooja on the stone as per the proper process. The pooja will activate the energy of the stone and remove all the negative energies.

Know the complete procedure of how to wear your red coral gemstone with the proper vedic pooja method here – How to Wear Moonga Stone?

Other Benefits of the Red Coral

There are many other benefits of wearing a red coral gemstone, such as:

  • The stone will give you strength, determination, and willpower.
  • Increasing your self-confidence, it will help you achieve your goals.
  • It will increase your energy levels and give you boldness as well.
  • The cosmic energy of the red coral will decrease your fears.
  • The red coral gemstone will also stabilize the financial conditions of the wearer. It brings you materialistic prosperity.
  • There are health benefits of the red coral gemstone which will heal the physical body of the user. This stone strengthens the heart of the wearer and heals skin-related illnesses and problems related to the lungs and liver. The stone is also helpful in curing infertility and assists in conceiving.

Wrapping Up

The red coral gemstone will remove the adverse effects of the planet Mars from your Kundli. It will protect you from all the negative energies as well. These negative energies include evil spirits, bad omens, black magic, as well as the negative influences of people. The stone’s power will also protect you from the harm that an incident may cause you in physical or emotional pain.

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