Rihanna and Her 7 Hottest Iconic Bikini Pics

Rihanna sexy poolside bikini red
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Rihanna is an iconic fashion setter who has always taken the world through surprising storms of fashion. The fashion that I have seen her trend in most is the bikinis. During the summer, she knows how to leave everyone amazed and mouth agape as she puts on her beautiful bikinis. In this article, I will be taking you through Rihanna’s 7 most unforgettable bikini moments that were captured.

1. Rihanna the Barbados Babe:

In this neon shot, Rihanna makes her Caribbean origins shine through the eye by slipping into a colorful style cutting off emphasizing her curves behind the scene of a spotless beach. A head of windswept hair and a bright smile just makes her look even more sure of herself as she radiates the power of a coconut leaf in sea breezes.

Rihanna the Barbados Babe

2. Poolside Glamour:

Rihanna exudes a certain regality in a sparkling bikini while she is lying by the poolside. She shines glory and elegance almost like a celebrity.

Rihanna sexy poolside bikini red

3. Retro Chic:

Rihanna leads the retro-wave in a bikini which pumps up the golden age of Hollywood. Cat-eye sunglasses and an amusing manner of the pose will portray her sweet old-world harbor and at the same time her current modern-day beauty.

4. Rihanna in the Urban Edge:

The music video shows a more edgy look of Rihanna featuring her signature style with a bit of twist, where she rocks a black bikini under a variety of accessories.

Rihanna in the Urban Edge

5. Tropical Fantasy:

For sure I can say that Rihanna loves vacations and through them her tropical bikini side is evident. I have seen her more than once in the tropical bikini may it be green busking on the sunny beaches.

6. Rihanna the Beach Goddess:

She is a total glamour and gets noticed in a bikini in the white shade that is given more definition by the sunset in the background of a beach. Sporting a relaxed look with the air in her hair and a gentle expression, she achieves the ideal embodiment of a by-the-sea goddess.

Rihanna the Beach Goddess

7.  Fashion Forward:

One of her most prominent characteristics which always catches the eye is her fearless nature which helps her as she’s confident in whatever style she does. Who doesn’t like the statement-making, on-fleek bikinis she consistently comes up with? The pattern is herself and the rest is for others to follow.

Rihanna hot bikini




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