Ritu Arya Unveils Her 7 Hottest Bikini Shots

Ritu Arya high waist bikini
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Ritu Arya is a fashion icon who has always raised the bar of fashion as she sets higher standards like during the summer. Mostly when summer approaches people tend to buy bikinis that will accentuate their lovely body figures. Through this article, I will take you through seven of Ritu Arya’s bikini moments that were captured.

1. Bold Prints:

A variety of hues ranging from rich florals to strong patterns, and creatively printed fabrics are dominating the summer fashion this summer. In addition to bikinis in colorful prints, which will make you stand out certainly on the beach, Ritu Arya’s collection also includes kaftans in flowing prints to add a bohemian touch to your look.

2. High-Waisted Bottoms By Ritu Arya:

It is time to get rid of the skimpy dull bottoms and start wearing high-waisted bikinis. Rita Arya’s high-waisted bottoms not only look fabulous and stylish but also provide a full coverage duel to might be required for lounging around the pool or playing beach volleyball.

Ritu Arya high waist bikini

3. Cut-Out Details:

Create a spark of mystery with bikinis that have cut-out elements to add some spunk to your beach appearance. It is a matter of taste of the customer whether Ritu Arya’s bikini is at its most subtle with just a small cut-out along the waistline or when the design is more daring.

4.  Sporty Chic By Ritu Arya:

The athletic side of yours can be emphasized through matchy sporty chic bikinis from Ritu Arya. They include racerback tops and mesh lovings thus looking beautiful as well as functional.

Sporty Chic By Ritu Arya

5.  Retro Vibes:

Channel a look from the archive of a pin-up girl by wearing retro swimwear brands of Ritu Arya. Imagine seeing yourself in high-waisted looks, halter necks, and prints that remind you of yesteryear’s beach hits. Get ready for some major retro-chic looks and styles that scream bombshell.

6. One-Shoulder Styles By Ritu Arya:

Choose a directional bikini from Ritu Arya and then work on one-shoulders. This imbalance is also both cutting-edge and will flatter any figure, which is the prime reason for the must-have of a summer wardrobe. Thematic Topic: Strategies to Reduce Risk of Feature

Ritu Arya hot sexy bikini

7. Animal Print:

Ditch your shyness and adorn these animal print bikinis by Ritu Arya. Some of them like leopard print whi2le others fancy more astonishing like snakeskin, Ritu Arya’s assortment of collection matches their tastes perfectly.

Animal Print




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