Rocky Emerson Killer Tattoos and Their Meaning!

Lotus Flower on Her Thigh
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Rocky Emerson is not only a fashion icon but also a model who loves putting ink on her body that I have come to love. She has been inspiring people in the fashion world to draw tattoos and make sure they have a meaning rather than just putting ink on their bodies. In this article, I will be taking you through the seven most unforgettable tattoos by Rocky Emerson.

1. A Rose on the chest

What do you think a rose means? From my point of view, a rose is used to represent love and beauty and that is why Rocky Emerson drew it so it may also be a remembrance material to keep growing despite the challenges she may face.

Rocky Emerson Rose dress

2. Rocky Emerson Has Skull on Her Forearm:

Many may see the skull as a frightening tattoo but for Rocky, the tattoo has a different meaning. Emerson’s skull tattoo represents life. It helps to remember to live her life to the fullest without taking any for granted.

3. Snake on The Thigh:

These reptiles are often associated with rebirth but for Rocky, the snake tattoo symbolizes the journey she has gone through of discovery to reach the point she is in life.

Snake on The Thigh

4. Rocky Emerson Has Wolf on Her Back:

What do wolves represent to you? They are often associated with strength and fierce independence. This tattoo represents Rocky’s strength and ability not to rely on others. For those who wish to have a symbol that will be a reminder to them of their independence, they should choose the wolf tattoo.

5. Sword on Her Arm:

The sword tattoo represents the courage and protection of an individual. What I loved about the sword tattoo of Rocky is that helps her stand up for herself and never shun and look down when she faces a challenge.

6. Rocky Emerson Has Lotus Flower on Her Thigh:

Do you know what symbols represent purity and enlightenment? From the research of many, the lotus flower is the symbol used to represent the latter of the above signs.

 Lotus Flower on Her Thigh

7. Quote on Her Ribs:

I do love the quote of Rocky that she has inked on her ribs saying that what does not kill me makes me stronger. This quote is an inspiration to many as it gives them the courage to never give up.





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