Sara Waisglass Flaunts Curves in 7 Glam Gowns!

Sara Waisglass sexy high slit dresses hourglass
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Sara Waisglass is a fashion icon who has always stood out with her exceptional fashion outfits on the red carpet. She has set fashion standards with her styles that have always caught the attention of many leaving them turning their heads in an attempt to get a second sight on the queen of fashion. In this article I will only be covering the seven of my favorite dresses she wore at the premiere red carpet, they must have been show stoppers.

1. Classic Black:

The timeless black dress was nothing short of exceptional on Sara as it perfectly hugged her body curves revealing what she wanted. She left the social media burning as she hit the headlines with her fantastic black dress.

Sara Waisglass sexy hourglass dress

2. Sara Waisglass Pretty in Pink:

With a lovely pink dress, Sara looked like a princess in a fairy tale. The muted shade was in harmony with her tone and the outfit made her look fabulous.

Sara Waisglass Pretty in Pink

3. Bold in Red:

From what I have come to notice, red is a color that is worn to dates to be romantic as it spreads love. When Sara wore the red gown to the red carpet she did not drive me crazy but everyone else who was present did.

Sara Waisglass sexy red dress

4. Sparkling Silver:

Sara was glittering and twinkling in a white and silver dress. The elaborate beading and sequins made the dress gorgeous and the deep V cut made the dress more dramatic.

actress Sara Waisglass red carpet appearance

5. Sara Waisglass Elegant in White:

The bride was seen as an angel when she donned white. The dress, although simple, really perfectly fit her curves, while the fabric flow allowed her to look timeless and classical.

6. Floral Fantasy:

In a dress with a floral pattern, Sara showed her feminine side. The colors were so lively the bold print made a statement as well, and the figure was flattering which showed her curves in all the right places.

Sara Waisglass sexy floral dress

7. Sara Waisglass Chic and Sophisticated:

Sara embodied a sense of elegance and beauty in a classy outfit. The sleek lines and touch of casual stylishness made her look excited on the red carpet.

Sara Waisglass on the red carpet




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