Scarf Print Trends 2022

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Don’t you love the scarf print fashion? I am loving this trend since it is about chains, animal prints, a few florals or botanicals, and bold vintage designs like paisley. The texture is silky satin but it may also come in breezy cotton. Wearing fashion items with scarf prints can easily amplify your whole attire and as they say, can uplift your mood and feels like the world is your runway.

So how are you going to pull this scarf print off?

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You can wear a full dress or style it print-on-print top and bottom. Just ensure that the color complements each other so the attire will not look too busy and too complicated. Blue, red and white look so pleasing together, or how about the classic black and white pairing? Heck, you can go on clashing altogether as long as you are feeling it.

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You can decide to tone it down and pair it using much simpler or dark-colored tops or bottoms depending on where you are headed to or what occasion you are going to attend to. Play around with other textures such as denim or some sheer material.

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You can also choose the styling of the piece in its totality. Such as the case of cutouts or pleats.


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If you are still hesitant to try it and you deem it unwearable, in my opinion, you can start with accessories like bags or a headdress or a pair of shoes perhaps.

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The print is quite popular on leggings, dresses, and bomber jackets among others. Because of its versatility, it can be worn during special occasions as a dress, in the office as a lapel blazer, or even at the beach as a coverup. Go either for soft or hard material; formal and informal events; or a mix of both.

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