Shoes For Pole-Dancing: Pleaser Is The Ultimate Go-To Name In Sexy Shoes

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Pole-dancing organically incorporates the best qualities of exquisite sports and stage art. It combines the acrobatic complexity of tricks and the seductive plasticity of the dance, its movements, and poses. Such a hurricane cocktail mix sets a high standard for performance clothing, the most important part of which are shoes for pole dancing.

What type of shoes is good for pole dancing?

Both acrobatics and stage pole dancing unite one thing: a vertical pole in the center of the stage and a dancer on it. On the other hand, pole dancing means dancing under extremely high pressure, so the pole shoes must be able to “survive” the pressure. At this point, an ordinary question arises – what’s the difference between pole dancing shoes and the usual ones?

The main qualities of pole dancing shoes can be expressed as follows:

high strength, with a margin suitable for all elements of the exotic dance – in terms of strength, shoes for pole dancing are often not inferior to professional sports shoes;

maximum convenience for the exotic dancer’s legs – in particular, the presence of a softening pad over the heel, which takes all the pressure during the dance;

adaptation of all materials to prevent slipping of shoes on the pole – for example, minimizing metal parts;


visual brightness and attractiveness (for stage dance);

the possibilities of “aesthetic adjustment” of the image – for example, a high platform for short dancers, etc.

Just as it is impossible to learn how to walk on high heels without putting on high heels, you cannot learn to move confidently and beautifully, putting on exceptionally light training shoes or staying barefoot for exotic dancing.

What kind of shoes to buy for pole dancing?

The choice “from a showcase” is quite simple for any exotic dancer – shoes or boots, a platform of a 1” or a 5”, a picture top, a colorful top, or a transparent one. But how to understand – how long these shoes will really last? Will the heel brake, and how comfortable is it to dance on them? Therefore, when choosing shoes for pole dancing – an exotic dancer, as a rule, will trust the reliability of a proven and well-known brand. An unambiguously verified quality is guaranteed for pole dancing by Pleaser Pole Dance Shoes.

Should one choose something like bright, bold, and original – or a stylish and classic style? Frivolous glamour, languid sexuality, pretentious shock: all this, and much more can easily be found in the lines of Pleaser shoes – a well-known manufacturer for exotic dancing shoes! You can buy Pleaser for any size and height – with a platform of 1”, 5” and even 7”!

Durability and convenience

All Pleaser shoes are made of high-quality materials optimally matched to work with a smooth pole surface. The height of the platform is balanced with the height of the heel, and durable and comfortable pads unload the leg muscles as much as possible. Pleaser’s pole dance shoe design has been optimized to give maximum safety to both legs and back.


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