Slaying Your Style

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“Paaak! saang party ka ba pupunta”

“pormang porma tayo today ah ” etc.. etc..

I always hear this from people around whenever they see me slaying into outfits I don’t even mind standing out. While some of them are pricey, most of them are economically friendly, haha but you know the thing here is knowing your style matters! It doesn’t mean it’s expensive everyone will slay it; sometimes price never matters when you know your style well, and yes it’s how you wear confidently that brings justice to whatever you put on. 

But what if I don’t know how to style myself? or I’m not familiar with how to do it?  well to solve that problem of yours I might say try hanging out with me! well kidding aside dear, so let me share with you how I started styling myself. As a beginner, you need to have a guide and a mentor on dressing up, and if you were like me who doesn’t have much to afford a coaching fee, well you might as well try looking up into the wardrobe of your favorite actors/actresses yes you’ve read it right your idol could be a representation of who you want to become and literally looking up to their fashion might interest you to dress up like them too right? You see, I am a huge fan of Korean Drama, and looking back on my pandemic quarantine days Kdrama saved me from boredom and the need to go out. So as a result I have acquainted myself with different Korean actresses slaying into modern Korean fashion and surprisingly I found myself wanting to purchase some of their stuff and bluntly wanted to look like them too. So I started raiding my personal wardrobe and some of my mixed and match ideas came from my favorite idols, and then I started looking for similar products to online shops like Shoppee, Lazada, and etc..  and finally, I was able to create my kind of style. I have appreciated the seemingly passionate elegance of my Korean idols and wanted to level up myself too, dashingly looking fancy but not that pricey was my goal so to realistically live into this not-so-fancy dream, I have discovered another way of setting your best style.

Shop consistently. What I mean about this is you have to find the perfect shop that has the style you want to have. Since we are in the middle of a pandemic where everything becomes digitally accessible, online shopping is already a thing. So trying to look for the perfect shop that realistically meets your expectation is somewhat a challenge to all of us, right? And to share with you my journey let me recommend my favorite and consistent online shops. If you are like me who looks into every detail of what I am about to purchase, I believe you would want to shop into online stores that give justice to your payments, and luckily I have found my store in the name of SHEIN Intl. This is not a sponsored article but this is just my testimony of how having a consistent online shop helps me lessen the burden of looking for the styles and perfect fit I want. You might be familiar with this shop because they seem to have a lot of good reviews and they ship nationwide. So just a glimpse of how this shop helped me they have this so-called size checker app that you may answer for you to be able to find your perfect size at a reasonable price as well. But aside from Shien I also have an eye for some of shoppee’s Korean/ Chinese fashion shops with good reviews. In the end, it’s how consistent you are to your taste and preferences so again choose or shop wisely.

So to all of you who are bothered being told “overdressed” or “bidabida” by how you express your style, never worry over things/ people you cannot control and you cannot influence keep slaying babe!

By Jessel Napal

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