Social Media Influencers of 2022

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The major of all fashion trends are influenced by social media influencers. Whether it’s our favorite social media now influence fashion trends all over the world.

Social Media Influencers Matters

I won’t name any of social media because of cutthroat competition in the media so not going into the details so many news and actors and actresses followed by these photographers follow them to take their videos and photos upload in these media so the fashion trends really influenced by these videos or photos.

Mobile Influence

Recently wedding of film stars and their photos went viral. Some people even wait the whole day to take pictures of these actors and actresses. No need to worry because they are doing it for money right? How our society, teenage, young people get influenced through their mobile.

Good Or Bad?

Some actresses wear backless dresses and full transparent dresses. How can one escape without seeing these dresses? I can’t explain whether it has a good influence or a bad influence on our society. How to handle the influence of this kind. Every time men blame women for transparent dresses make them erotic, or sexually appealing. Do these things have had a bad impact on our society so far? I just can’t tell. One thing is clear such events take a toll on youngsters who are schoolgoers and college students.

Good or Bad Actors

These actors and actresses are doing this for fame and popularity I don’t have any doubt about it. But what about such parties or nightlife of those actors and actresses had a deep impact on young minds. Even it’s a recent yacht party of a famous actor’s son. How people reached. How ministers came openly to rescue them we all have seen this.

Some actresses recently raided during making adult films and the question remains why these things go viral because younger people need sensational news they follow these actors and actresses on their social media as followers.

The moral of the story remains hanging between good and bad. We never accept good things as fast as bad things. The bad things get viral now first then good behavior.

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By YekkarPrakash Bhat

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