Spring Nail Colors Trend 2022

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Who doesn’t love to paint their nails? Everyone has a different choice of color on nails, from french manicures to glittery nails to matte. I will guide you with a wide range of colors and ideas that will go with your spring outfit. Below are the gorgeous spring nail colors ideas.

Spring Nail Colors Trend

Grey Nails-

Grey nails have been trendy this spring. Choose a super soft grey that is close to silver or white. To achieve grey-dient nails use a slightly different shade of grey polish from the same family on each nail.


Creamy Yellow-

Yellow is a shade that has been trending for a while. I love the vibe of the creamy yellow hue; it’s a fun color to play with. You will feel bright and cheery every time you will look at your hands.



You can’t deny the power of teal this year whether it’s a matte or shimmery shade of teal. It looks impressive overall. It gives a bright and refreshing feel and this is just what we need this spring.


Neon Orange-

Shades of orange are making waves this spring in terms of fashion and beauty. Neon orange is an excellent alternative for a red manicure in spring. While I know neon orange is too bright in spring, I have test-driven this color, and it went well on all occasions.



Royal Blue-

Gone are the days when nail paint was limited to beige and reds. Blue is an attention-grabbing shade. The vibrant blue looks great on both dark and fair skin tones.


Pastel Pink-

Pastels are a sign that spring season is here, pastel pink is a subtle shade; it flatters on every skin tone. A white color-based coat works well with pink.


Lavender Nails-

The softness of lavender can be perfectly paired with a bright spring wardrobe. Lavender shade is the best alternative over typical pink.


Peachy Nails-

Peachy nail color is a classic shade for 2022. The best way to celebrate spring is to apply fresh pastel and breezy tone shades to your nails.



The shades of brown look good in all seasons. It’s a go-to color with almost every outfit. Sand and Khaki tones are the most subtle range in nail color.



Fuchsia is a color that is a combination of red, pink, and purple. With bright fuchsia nail paint, you can wear a light tone outfit. If you are not ready to go that bold with your outfit, try it once you won’t stop staring at your hands.


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