Star Nadia Ferreira Styles 7 hot Red Carpet Dresses!

Nadia Ferreira sexy dress
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Nadia Ferreira is an inspiring and trending Portuguese model who is making remarkable choices in fashion. She has unique styles when we talk of fashion. She has managed many red carpets over the years which is quite giving her a legacy in fashion and design. Here are her seven hot red carpet-dresses.

Nadia Ferreira red gown

1. The Rega Red Gown

At the Cannes Film Festival, Nadia Ferreira looked amazing in the red gown. This dress showed clearly the fitting nature of its design when matched with heels and red lips. It is a stunning outfit that you can always admire to take a try to it. Casual wear is always confused by many to be a luxurious look.

Nadia Ferreira sexy red carpet dress

2. The Golden Goddess

This is an ancient Hollywood wear that Nadia displayed as a clear outfit at the Met Gala. This dress perfectly suited her figure. The neckline that she wore matched her outfit and commanded a lot of attention.

Nadia Ferreira floppy dress

3. The Ethereal White Dress

White is a key color that gets the attraction of everybody. The outfit of the white color is such an amazing look when matched with some black fittings. I can for sure tell you that any time you get a white wear look everyone will for sure admire your outlook.

Nadia Ferreira hot dress

4. The Bold Black Ensemble

The bold black ensemble is a dress that is quite not popular but I can say it is designed in a special way that makes it look stunning. The dress displays legs when worn since it is a kind of mini dress but with some added designs.

dress Nadia Ferreira

5. The Pastel Perfection

The Pastel perfection is a modern dress that is extremely trending and many celebrities are giving it a try always. This gown is admired by many and is a marketable one.

Nadia Ferreira blue dress

6. The Fiery Orange Dress

Orange I can say is a rare dress that many celebrities do know about. Nadia with her unique sense of fashion, bursted with this amazing dress in the Golden Globe that left her fans wowed.

Nadaia Ferreira dark blue mini dress

7.  The Elegant Emerald

Emerald is a unique design unknown by. Nadia wore it that was a green color that displayed her natural beauty. She matched this look with amazing golden earrings that made her look like a real goddess.

Nadia Ferreira bold and sexy


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WRITTEN BY: Alex Munene

Nadia Ferreira sexy dress

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