Summer Travel Essentials

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summer travel essentials

The summer is finally here! If you’ve been planning a vacation for the summer, now is the time to start making packing lists and prepping for your trip. In this article, we’ll take a look at a few summer travel essentials you should have on hand. A sturdy suitcase, sunscreen, sunglasses, swimsuits, and self-tanners are all must-have items. But what about your clothing? What’s the best option for the weather? Here are summer travel essentials.

Spanx’s new collection of white shorts

Spanx’s new collection of white travel shorts features shapewear technology that is 100 percent opaque and made without seams or pockets. This means no one will know you’re wearing underwear. This technology takes seven years to perfect, but it promises style and comfort. And they don’t feel bulky either. Spanx says you can use these shorts with any top.

Chubbies’ Everywear Shorts

Summer travel means being outside. Whether it’s a beach vacation, a mountain getaway, or a staycation, the Chubbies’ Everywear Shorts are the perfect summer travel essentials. They’re quick-drying, feature a zippered back pocket, and are made from wrinkle-resistant fabric. These versatile shorts can take you from the beach to the boardwalk.

LIVSN Design’s Trail Tights

These versatile pants are made from recycled nylon and spandex fabric. The 3/4-length leg is ideal for early morning runs or cool morning hikes. They’re wind-resistant and highly breathable, making them a great choice for travel and summer vacations. Reflective logos on the legs and ankles ensure that you’ll be visible from every angle, no matter how many trails you’re walking.

Bose’s QuietComfort Earbuds

Noise-canceling headphones have become a necessity for travel. Bose’s QuietComfort Earbuds are small and inexpensive but they deliver impressive noise-canceling results. Their StayHear Max silicone ear tips create a snug seal in the ear, minimizing outside noise. And they’re comfortable enough to wear for hours.


When packing for your next summer vacation, consider packing a pair of Havianas. These stylish and durable flip-flops will outlast any pair of cheaper flip-flops. Available in dozens of prints and slingback straps, Havianas will be the most comfortable shoes you pack. Plus, they can be worn by both men and women and even kids. So, if you’re traveling to a tropical destination this year, don’t forget your Havianas!

Every Single Face sunscreen

We have all heard of the sun’s harmful effects on the skin in summer, but what do we do about it? We use sunscreen. But the best summer sunscreen isn’t just any kind of sunblock. You should look for one that has an SPF of 45 or higher, and you should reapply it every two hours. Moreover, you need to wash your face at least twice a day to prevent your skin from becoming dry or blemished.

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