Swimming Goggles for Kids

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Can swimming hurt your eyes? Can this recreational activity bring more harm than good to us? And in this case, to our kids? Well, there is only one way to find out. That drove me to write this blog so that you get to know a couple of things concerning swimming goggles for kids. When your eyes are submerged in chlorinated pool water, the tear film that usually acts as a defensive shield for your cornea is washed away. This means that your eyes are no longer protected from dirt or bacteria that are not entirely eliminated by the treated pool water. Therefore, swimmers are left prone to eye infections.

Swimming goggles for kids 1
Swimming goggles for kids

With or Without Swimming Goggles?

With all said and done, we are still left wondering all by ourselves whether it’s better to swim with goggles or without for our kids! My opinion on this? Kids should wear their goggles when swimming. Goggles help protect their eyes from coming into contact with water. Therefore, if the water is contaminated, these kids will be safe from acquiring any infections. Also, goggles assist them to clearly see in water. Combine this with the fact that many people need corrective lenses or contacts in order to see clearly. You simply cannot swim around in water without goggles.

Swimming goggles for kids 2
swimming goggles for kids 2

So, how do you get your kid to wear goggles?

Begin by having the child put the goggles on a favorite doll or toy. You can as well practice with goggles at home while giving the kid a bath. If the kid is not yet comfortable in goggles, do not rush them into it.

Should kids learn to swim without goggles?

Learning to be comfortable in water without the need for goggles should be your goal with children. However, for younger babies who are new to the water, you will certainly have to consider getting them swimming goggles. Why? They are still developing their immune system and are susceptible to pool chemicals that may harm them. Therefore, for them, goggles are a must. Matter of fact, any child above the age of two is allowed to put goggles on.

Benefits of swimming goggles on kids! It increases a child’s comfort, relaxation, and orientation in the aquatic environment. Goggles encourage a child to submerge and allow them to open their eyes and ascertain their position underwater clearly.

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