The 10 Biggest Fashion Trends of 2023

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Here are the 10 biggest fashion trends.

1. Airy Styles:


fashion trends airy styles

In 2022, ultra-feminine style saw a slight resurgence as more of us opted for flowy fabrics and feminine silhouettes. Think Bridgerton, but with modern styling. This trend is rooted in romance, with an aesthetic concentrated upon light pastel colours, translucent textiles (tulle, lace, and chiffon), and fantastical stories. According to the Pinterest Predicts 2023 research, based on an increase in searches from Gen Z and Millennials, everyone will be wearing lace, tulle, ruffles, and shimmer in 2023 fashion. The terms “sheer trouser outfit” and “ruffle shirt for men” are just two examples of this flouncy fashion. No matter how you identify, it’s time to trade in your combat boots and biker jacket for ethereal details. All will embrace the femme this year.

2. Romcom Core:

fashion trends romcom core

Have you ever wished you were the main character? All of us will be looking for the happy moment promised in the innumerable romcoms we watched in the 1990s and 2000s in 2023. You decide whether to embody the chaotic Bridget Jones, the stylishly astute Andy Sachs, or the high-flying Kenya McQueen; just make sure you have your best Y2K and noughties garms ready. According to Pinterest, “Generation Z and Millennials will romanticise their wardrobes in 2023 with slip dresses, tube tops, cargos, and claw clips.” ‘Prepare for a new take on the meet-cute that was popular in your fave romantic comedies of the 2000s.

3. Sci-Fi Fits:


fashion trends sci-fi fits

A call from the future can you hear? The designers of today do. Future-inspired clothing is making a significant impact on the runway because of our expanding digital reality (hello, metaverse) and our infatuation with the sci-fi genre in TV, movies, and video games. Designers are incorporating dystopian themes and thoughts on the future of contemporary society into their collections, drawing inspiration from these darker storylines for dramatic pieces with a modern edge (you won’t find any robotic armour or laser guns here).

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4. Boudoir Dressing:

fashion trends boudoir design

The ‘knickers as outerwear’ piece, which, as the name suggests, will see us adopting our undergarments into our visible, everyday wardrobe, is a trend that will continue into 2022. This includes anything from bralettes, exposed thongs, and risqué sleepwear to corsets and lingerie details. According to Francesca Salih, a stylist and the creator of StyleGrid, “This is pillow talk fashion.” ‘Bedroom dressing is going public. Soft silks, delicate lace trims, amorous ruffles, cut-out fabrics, and barely there flashes of skin. While the weather is still cool, expect to see nighties layered over turtlenecks and matched with jackets. Summer will see us strip this down to the bare minimum.

5. Fringe Fashion: 

fashion trends fringe fashion

Beware of this one; while fringe may be the unofficial attire of cowboys, flappers, and bohemian festival-goers in 2023, it will also receive a sophisticated makeover. This trend has been bubbling away for a while, making a splash throughout the summer and adding some unique textures to our party wear. However, this year it is receiving its own limelight. From tiny embellishments along cuffs and hemlines to all-over full-fringe drama, the fringe will be visible everywhere.

6. Column Dressing:

Column Dressing

Do you have a particular favourite colour? Or are you aware of a specific colour that makes you feel amazing? Then perhaps you ought to try dressing a column. This is a 2022 style that is still popular today and indulges a passion for colour, one shade at a time. According to Francesca, “column dressing” entails wearing only one shade from shoulder to hem. This results in a single, continuous vertical line, giving the appearance of being taller and slimmer.

For one collection or another, most designers return to column dressing on the catwalk, but notable designers embracing the trend for SS23 include Rejina Pyo, Fendi, Valentino, Bora Aksu, and Baum und Pferdgarten.

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7. Purple hues:

Purple hues

The periwinkle shade known as “Very Peri,” which was chosen as the Colour of the Year for 2022, will remain popular next year on the high street and in fashion shows, along with its sister colour of purple. It doesn’t matter if you prefer a soft mauve, a lovely pastel, or a funky fuschia—everyone’s wardrobe has room for this amazing shade in 2023. From easy items to spectacular occasionwear, we saw this brilliant shade showing up on the runways throughout 2022, from lilac to deep colours, according to Francesca. Numerous designers used the hue in their SS23 designs as well, suggesting it will continue to be popular well into the following year.

8. Hipsters: 


In 2023, we’ll bid adieu to flat outlines and straightforward shapes. After all, why needs minimalism when you can grab attention with something imposing, striking, and gorgeous? (Generic Alprazolam) In particular, for occasionwear and events, the sculptural design will return in 2019, with designers paying close attention to the waist and hips. Think puffy shapes, layers of ruffles, and miniskirts made from crinolines. This style is adaptable, so you can go over-the-top dramatic or simple, depending on what you choose, and it looks pretty amazing if you do decide to try it out. However, they may not appear like they are for the faint of heart.

9. Goth Glam:

Goth Glam

Gothic glamour is a further development of the melancholy motif that is anticipated to have a significant impact on fashion in 2023. This is a style driven by monochromatic colour palettes, translucent fabrics, and lace details, spearheaded by brands like Dolce & Gabbana, whose SS23 collaboration with Kim Kardashian perfectly captures the vibe. The “glam” component of the equation includes contemporary fashion elements like sequins, incredibly feminine silhouettes, and svelte tailoring (just think of Morticia Addams and Wednesday from Netflix’s smash-hit Wednesday). With this Gothcore article, explore the trend through the prism of popular culture.

10. Rental Revolution:

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Rental Revolution

More of us are using alternative methods to wear the most recent trends as we become more aware of the ongoing climate issue and the negative effects of the fashion industry (textile waste alone is estimated to be 92 million tonnes annually). The revolution in rentals. Although it’s not unheard of, renting clothes, shoes, and accessories become much more prevalent in 2022, and in 2023, more of us will want to participate. In the long run, this trend is better for the environment (and your budget) because it keeps apparel and new fashion trends available for more people to try.


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