The 2024 Met Gala Shoe Game! 6 Heels that were Pure Fire

best shoes at the 2024 met gala
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2024 Met Gala is probably the biggest fashion event, right? Guys, it seems to get bigger and better each year. This year, 2024, several celebrities and fashion enthusiasts have made such a huge comeback, making their fans yearn for more fashion. Similarly, the 2024 Met Gala has been the ultimate shoe game of the year! I have spent quality time analyzing some of the outstanding high heels at the event. Here is what I gathered!

1. The Jeniffer Lopez satin shoes!

Satin is an excellent choice of material, especially for a highly-rated fashion event such as the 2024 Met Gala. This year alone has seen the rise of satin shoes to the realm of fashionable shoes. Jeniffer probably chose the shoes for their soft fabric and the special glamour they add to the entire outfit.

jennifer lopez met gala 2024 shoe game
shoe game jennifer lopez met gala 2024

2. Jennie Kim

Who ain’t captivated by Jennie Kim? It’s so hard to resist her charming looks especially her shoe game which seems to get better and better. In this dark shade of blue dress, she pulled a similar type of shoe that complimented every detail of her outfit. One word, Outstanding!

Jennie Kim Met Gala 2024
Jennie kim shoe game at met gala 2024

3. Elle Fanning!

Elle seems to have understood the assignment perfectly. I don’t want to go deep into the details of her outfit but the shoe game was a win! She was in a silver high heel. I want you guys to look at how perfectly the shoe compliments the entire outfit!

elle fanning met gala 2024 shoe game

4. Janelle Monae:

She is back, this time at the Met Gala 2024!  Monae was in a silver dress made of little flowers, revealing her curvaceous body perfectly! Her heel was a glass high-heeled one, closely resembling a nude shoe, perfectly complimenting the outfit!

Jennie Kim shoe

5. Here comes Rita Ora!

Rita braved the red carpet yet again, this time in her beaded Marni gown running along her hot body. The shoe was at the centre of the outfit, this time around being a brown high heel complimenting her thighs perfectly.

Rita Ora shoe game at 2024 met gala
Rita Ora 2024 met gala

6. Serena Williams Black heels:

I didn’t know that silver could blend perfectly with black. Serena seems to have mastered the art of color and fashion as she blended the two perfectly. The shoe was a black high-heeled pointing, making it probably one of the most outstanding shoes of the night!

serena williams 2024 Met gala shoes high heels
met gala 2024 serena


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best shoes at the 2024 met gala
best shoes 2024 met gala


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