The Best Brands of Women’s Watches: Selection 2024

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Best Brands of Women’s Watches:

Tissot: elegant classic women’s watches

Tissot: elegant classic watches

All the best brands of women’s watches have long been presented in one place – on the NY Watch Market. In our new article, we have collected 8 of our favorite and top brands according to our team – and according to our favorite customers – to make it easier for you to make your choice.

Tissot is a classic of the watch world and the epitome of sophistication and grace for those who truly understand elegant watches.

The history of the brand dates back to 1853 and continues to this day – Tissot has “kept its finger on the pulse of consumers” and followed fashion trends for more than 160 years. Many of his cult classic designs have been reimagined and reintroduced to audiences.

For girls, Tissot has several collections that are completely different from each other – stylists explain this diversity with the desire to emphasize the differences in characters, personalities, and appearance of each of their customers.

Choose from a classic traditional watch, a sport-chic model, or an extravagant pocket watch – and in any case, you will be on top with Tissot.

Casio: Japanese quality women’s watches

Casio watches are best known for their durable and almost indestructible men’s luxury watches from the G-Shock collection, the functional Edifice, or the nostalgic Vintage. However, the brand also has many decent women’s models.

The Casio mark is practically synonymous with quality and reliability. Whether you’re looking for a watch for everyday use or a watch for swimming or sports, you’re sure to find something in the Casio lineup – the brand offers a large selection of cool women’s watches in a variety of colors and materials.

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The super-durable G-Shock series also includes women’s models – they are more elegant, and have a larger selection of colors and decor, but are not inferior to men’s in functionality.

The Sheen line is suitable for gentle and romantic girls who value wristwatches primarily for their unusual spring look.

Victorinox: Swiss-aged women’s watches

Inox is a French word that translates to “steel” and is the main material of Victorinox women’s watches. This is a truly durable Swiss watch for strong-willed women.

The brand’s watches regularly undergo various tests and test drives (like everyone’s favorite Casio G-Shock) and withstand the harshest conditions: heat, cold, water, and fire. This is not surprising: the brand has a military past, which began back in 1884.

Initially, Victorinox produced world-famous Swiss knives – among them the legendary officer and sports knife Swiss Army Knife. The company started making wristwatches recently – in 1989 – but quickly gained fans in all corners of the world.

Victorinox is an ideal watch for sports or outdoor activities.

Festina: trend guru women’s watches

In the modern world, the unisex style is actively spreading, which implies a blurring of gender boundaries in clothing, accessories, and shoes. Fashion also affected wristwatches, which Festina immediately took advantage of.


The brand has Spanish roots and was created back in 1980. After that, his collections underwent many modifications, but one fact remained unchanged: the brand’s designers still have a keen sense of fashion and changing trends.

Since many girls love to wear hoodies, T-shirts and even their boyfriend jeans, special “boyfriend jeans” and oversized hoodies have been created. And Festina also created “boyfriend watches”.

Festina Boyfriend models are as durable and reliable as men’s watches but are suitable for delicate women’s wrists. Their collections look great on girls who prefer to always be in trend.

Seiko: sports vintage women’s watches

Almost all Seiko watches are designed based on popular collections from the 60s and 70s, giving them a distinctive retro look and a touch of youthful nostalgia.

All Seiko models meet 5 strict requirements:

  • Presence of a super-precise mechanism;
  • Day of the week and date display;
  • Water resistance of at least 5 ATMs;
  • Protected crown at 4 o’clock position;
  • Durable steel case and strap.

The branded luxury watches are available in various sizes and colors, which makes the choice much easier – even the most demanding customer will find the ideal and universal model among them. Seiko also regularly releases special and limited editions, which also contain a lot of interesting things.

Anne Klein: New York chic women’s watches

Anne Klein is true American chic and the essence of feminine beauty, embodied in every watch model. The brand was founded in 1968.

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The brand’s enormous success and recognition among customers became possible thanks to more than 40 years of experience, during which designers closely followed rapidly changing trends. According to Anne Klein, over so many years, the essence of women’s watches has remained unchanged: they should act as an accessory that will highlight your individuality, and beauty and make you feel confident.

Refined aesthetics, effortless elegance, and the presentation of watches as jewelry – Anna Klein’s extraordinary talent set a new direction in watchmaking.

The brand’s watches are a great combination of high fashion and modern design that will be appropriate for any situation.

Daniel Wellington: Swedish minimalism

Daniel Wellington is a Swedish brand founded in 2011. He quickly achieved incredible success among both men and women. The brand’s watches captivate with their memorable designs, which focus on the famous Scandinavian minimalism combined with English elegance.

Daniel Wellington watches are watches for all occasions. The brand’s goal was to create elegant and subtle models that would be ideal not only for everyday wear but also for evening looks.

The brand will appeal to those girls who believe that a watch is primarily an accessory for displaying time and not a multifunctional gadget. The brand’s watches also owe their lightness and airiness to the fact that they are devoid of any additional functions.

Manufacturers focus on the minimalism of Daniel Wellington watches. Their main task is to show the time correctly and look perfect.

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Guess: a style icon

Guess is a brand that is known all over the world. The brand’s watches are distinguished by a distinctive, recognizable design that suits both youth style and an elegant business look.

A distinctive feature of Guess watches is their spectacular design: bright straps with patterns and dials with unusual decor. At the same time, the models have the entire set of functions necessary for a watch and have a fairly affordable price tag.

The main feature of Guess is that they regularly introduce new models, updating their collections every month. Therefore, you can safely purchase several watches at once for different occasions and for different looks.

Guess watches are especially suitable for those who love unusual watch models in non-standard colors and with an abundance of decor: such an accessory will make any look unique.

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