The Glamour of Opal Rings for Women: For children can anyone give me a Timeless Treasure

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Opal rings for women are timeless jewelry that has stolen hearts and graced fingers for many generations. Opal rings do not only refer to ornaments worn on the fingers, but they are messages of beauty all over with blended yet classy designs. Whether you are thinking of purchasing one as an ornament to wear or as a gift, the following are ways in how the feature on opal rings will enrich one’s understanding of these timeless pieces of jewelry.

What is opal?

Opal is one of the extraordinary stones in the group of gems and is famous for the play of colors inside of it. It has a variety of colors that appear to sway and change with the incident light on its silica spheres. This characteristic which is attributed to play-of-color is responsible for giving each opal its unique personality.

Blue, green, red, and yellow opals are quite popular, and frequently the color of the stone is accompanied by either a milky white or dark background creating a masterpiece of nature in the stone. Opal has always been inextricably linked to several other symbolisms in different times across the world. In ancient Greece, people who owned opals presumably received such fabulous abilities as foretelling and even immunity to diseases.

Before opals were considered as pagan gemstones in medieval Europe they were associated with innocence, hope or truth. Today opal rings are considered above all symbols of creativity and inspiration, love and fantasies which is why they are popular as wedding rings and anniversary gifts.

When selecting an opal ring, several factors come into play:

When selecting an opal ring, several factors come into play

Type of Opal: It is noteworthy that there are some kinds of opals, for instance, precious opals which exhibit the play-of-color and common ones that do not possess such property. Real opals are very much appreciated and adored for their luster and scarcity.

Setting: This is the reason why the setting of the ring can highly influence the look and appeal of the ring. These include a solitaire setting where the opal is mounted on a shank with four claws and encircled by a metal rim, a halo setting that surrounds the central gemstone with a circle of smaller stones, and a cluster setting which brings several gemstones close together into a cluster and held in place by a metal frame.


Metal: The opal rings are usually suited in gold (real or artificial, yellow or white), sterling silver, or platinum. Gold and white are good for opals because they don’t overpower the stone: pairing them with other metals should depend on the wearer’s preferences and skin tone.

Metal: Opal rings are usually and preferably made of gold (yellow or white), silver as well as platinum. All the metals enhance the opal differently, therefore if one is in a dilemma on which to choose depending on the wearer’s skin tone.

Design: Opal rings cover a vast spectrum of designs that range from traditional-looking rings to contemporary and complex-looking ones. If the style chosen is retro, then the design will be highly detailed; if the chosen style is simple, then the shining of the opal will be emphasized.

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Caring for Opal Rings

Opals are relatively soft compared to other gemstones, which means they require gentle care to maintain their luster Opals are relatively soft compared to other gemstones, which means they require gentle care to maintain their luster

Cleaning: Another measure to taking care of opal rings is by wiping it gently with a felt like material and lukewarm soapy water. Stay away from ultrasonic cleaners and harsh chemicals that are likely to degrade the natural stone.

Storage: Keep the opal rings in a different box or compartment from the harder gems so that they will not get scratched. Store them in soft cloth or tissue, especially for those that are not in use.

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Avoid Exposure: Opals should not be exposed to sudden changes of temperature and are also severely affected by direct sunlight. It is recommended that you should always take your ring off whenever you are undertaking activities that you believe will subject your ring to severing or some other form of abuse.

Why an Opal Ring?

Opal rings however are not mere ornaments, but such pieces that are the potential to become family treasures. Due to their play-of color as well as their symbolic meaning, these pieces are considered appropriate for ceremonial reasons including birthdays, anniversaries, or any other events in ones life. Here opal rings range from a simple yet elegant Opal solitaire or a rather elegant and formal one with clusters of diamonds or any other precious stones.

It is for this reason that women’s opal rings hold that special attraction of sophistication and persona. Starting from color play to a strong historical background, opals still remain one of the most captivating gemstones for jewel lovers all around the world.

Regardless of whether it is an individual or a gift, the buyer acquires a distinctive piece of jewelry free from contemporary fashions but enriched by the stunning beauty of genuine opals.

Opal rings are truly one of the most popular and beautiful gemstone rings worn throughout the centuries. On this site learn more about opal rings and keep traditions alive.

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