The Knit Polo Shirt: A Versatile Summer Staple for Men.

knit polo shirt
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Men’s traditional polo shirts have long been a mainstay of their wardrobes, but the knit polo shirt is a fresh take on the style that is starting to catch on. The knit version of the pique cotton polo, in contrast, has a more fitted and sophisticated appearance that works well with both casual and smart-casual outfits.

The structure is where the main distinction is found. Knit polos are constructed of, well, knits; regular polo shirts are made of woven textiles. This results in a closer, more attractive fit and a softer, more supple hand feel. In addition, the knit seams give the garment a sleeker, more streamlined profile than sewed polos, which can have a boxy look.

knit polo shirt blue


The knit polo’s adaptability is one of its greatest benefits. The knitted fabric and stylish, structured collar give this casual polo a more professional, office-ready appearance. It may even be dressed up with tailored pants and a blazer. However, it still has that carefree, athletic vibe that makes polo shirts so comfortable to wear.

The knit polo trend has been embraced by companies like John Smedley, Zanone, and Sunspel, who provide premium models in a variety of colours and styles. Details like a more structured collar, a deeper placket, and a somewhat longer length that aids in keeping the shirt tucked in are features seen on these high-end alternatives.

Retailers such as Uniqlo have also introduced their own versions of the knit polo for a less expensive option. Even while the quality could not match that of luxury brands, these versions neverthe

less provide the two main advantages: a stylish, fitted silhouette and a soft, elastic fabric.

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There are countless styling options available for the knit polo. For a smart-casual look ideal for summer parties or office-casual days, pair it with chinos or linen trousers. Try wearing it with dark denim and trainers for a more laid-back look. The knit polo also looks great layered beneath a blazer or lightweight jacket to give the ensemble a little texture and character.


The washing technique is a crucial factor to take into account when taking care of a knit polo. These shirts need to be handled with a little more care than regular polos. It is advised to hand wash or use delicate cycles to preserve the integrity and shape of the knitted fabric. To keep the collar looking sharp, give it a light iron.

The knit polo shirt is set to become a staple item for fashionable guys looking for a chic update on the traditional polo as the weather warms up. This contemporary rendition delivers a sophisticated, modern style that easily transitions from casual to formal, whether worn up or down.

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