The Most Expensive Rolex watches

precious rolex watches
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The most expensive Rolex “Paul Newman” watch, named after the actor and racing driver’s original owner, was put up for auction and sold for almost $18,000,000. This was in 2017 and this record has not yet been broken. Special auction lots start at $5,000,000. The most expensive rolex watches on official websites are sold from 65,000 € to 190,000 €. They are made of gold or platinum and decorated with a scattering of precious stones. Stones can be present on the rim of the case, on the dial or bracelet, and can be of different colors, sizes, and shapes.

Expensive Rolex watches

Flagship Rolex

Submariner – As connoisseurs say, “When you think of a luxury watch, the first thing that comes to mind is the Rolex Submariner.” This is a style icon. And this is an example of an ideal watch for divers. Released in 1953, it was the first diving watch capable of surviving at a depth of 100 meters. And the second waterproof diving watch in the world (after the Oyster). This was the new standard for all watch products. Submariners even got their role in movies – in many James Bond films, the famous agent 007 wears this particular watch.

Submariner Rolex watches
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Despite repeated reissues, the watch has retained the classic dial with large elements and a bracelet made of massive links. The new series also added luminescent backlighting – a convenient feature not only for divers but also, for example, for night trips by car.

Statistics show that the Submariner will end up in the collection of a true connoisseur of Swiss watches. But those who are going to purchase a single product (to celebrate the completion of a super-profitable transaction, to make an investment for the future, or simply to finally emphasize their status to others) quite often choose this particular, universally recognizable model.

Daytona is a series specifically developed for racing in 1963. One of the most popular models in the NY Watch Market. Considered the best sports chronograph for more than half a century. With this watch, you can not only tell the time but also measure your speed – want to check the speedometer on your car?

Daytona Rolex watches
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The special self-winding movement, despite its compactness, provides a power reserve of up to 72 hours. The model was also created using special ceramics that are resistant not only to moisture but also to ultraviolet radiation. Unlike its analogs, it does not change its color under the influence of UV rays, and Daytona has maintained its ideal appearance for many years.

Yacht-Master – Described as the top choice for skippers, the Yacht-Master is the only watch with a mechanical memory in the latest series released. The vibrant nautical design even visually resembles a yacht element. The built-in countdown counter is programmable from 1 to 10 minutes and can be synchronized after startup. Another innovation is the specially designed unique bezel, which allows you to set and synchronize the time on the counter.

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The model is available in three sizes – 37 mm, 40 mm, and 42 mm. The Oysterflex bracelet is as strong and reliable as its metal counterparts, but easily survives constant contact with water, which makes the Yacht-Master an ideal choice for people who love sea activities, and in general for residents of Russia, with our constant precipitation and high humidity more than 6 months a year.

Oyster Perpetual – This model is a direct descendant of the famous Oyster, the world’s first waterproof diving watch, released in 1926 and the predecessor of the Rolex Submariner. This is a true minimalist and laconic Rolex classic. The series is released in a wide range of colors and sizes (from 26 mm to 39 mm)

But it is important to consider that the full-size range only covers Oyster Perpetual Red

The product is designed to be waterproof to a depth of 100 meters. The body is made of steel, which is resistant to corrosion. The back cover is screwed to the case with a special key. And the crown has a double sealing system, which 100% prevents water from entering the watch.

By the way, the steel used to create the Oyster Perpetual was specially developed by Rolex and is now widely used in the space industry.

The model has a built-in “perpetual rotor” created back in 1931 – an automatic winding mechanism that rotates with the movement of the hand, providing an almost endless source of energy.

Rolex GMT Master – They are called “the choice of travelers”, their two-tone bezel is recognized throughout the world, and their durability is legendary. In the 2019 models, the dial is created from a unique iron meteorite – and this is not a metaphor. The material for the dial actually came from a meteorite that traveled perhaps billions of kilometers before reaching our planet. The metal formations of the meteorite form unique patterns, so each dial is essentially unique.

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Rolex GMT Master
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But the standard series also has something to brag about. A special mechanism allows you to easily change the time and simultaneously track time in two time zones at once. Another feature is the easily adjustable bracelet, which ensures comfortable wearing for any wrist size.


The main features of elite products are durable and high-quality materials and precise mechanisms with manual adjustment. The brand’s devices are known for their durability; they do not require lubrication, repair, or cleaning.

Craftsmen make each product by hand, carefully installing every detail.

Production plants are located in Switzerland. Unlike its competitors, Rolex does not rely on cheap labor from the Asian region. All developments and technologies are carefully protected within the corporation and passed on from generation to generation.

Each part has a personalized patent, thanks to which the brand has the exclusive right to its discoveries.

The products of this brand are made from the strongest glass, precious metals, and precious stones

A wide range and constant luxury attract the attention of a wide range of buyers who want to emphasize their status



Sometimes there are models with a glass case, but there are no original watches with a transparent back panel. All watches are produced only in a closed case.

When you put a Rolex on your wrist, you feel their heaviness, as they are made of real metal and sapphire crystal. Models that are lighter in weight are made of cheap materials and have nothing to do with this company.

What else should you pay attention to when considering the appearance of a watch? Of course, this is an image of the crown – the Rolex logo, located near the number 12 and made of high-quality metal. The design of the crown is best viewed under a magnifying glass, with which you can easily see the convex circles on the edges of the logo.

If the crown on the watch looks poor quality and there is no shine to its outline, then it is a cheap replica.

The branded watch has a special glass above the date window that magnifies the image by 2.5 times. Fake watches come with regular glass, but sometimes you can find them with magnifying glass, although the numbers are not much larger.

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