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You can literally find anything on Amazon if you look hard enough! There are so many beautiful purses on amazon you just need a good eye to find those. Bags can easily make your whole look more expensive and elevate your look!

Do you also love bags that are extra, blingy and just out there bag, you are in the right place.

Here is a list of all the extra bags that I found on Amazon  that you will absolutely love:


$Money Saving Dupes$: PART-2


Look at how cute this bag is! This is a dupe for the Gucci white leather Sylvie Mini bag, which originally costs around $2000.

The amazon version looks exactly the same and the quality of the faux leather is also very high-end, the gold hardware makes it looks so expensive!

Click here to visit this purse on amazon


Shoulder Bag Small Side Purse Mini Clutch with Bling Rivets

This one is more of a punk rock theme, honestly not really! It’s got a really cute fringe on it as you can see, it’s gold-metallic with studs all over it.

These small bags are very in trend right now, I have seen many celebrities sport a bag like this! Also comes in a bunch of colours too!( and is just $13)

Click here to visit this bag on amazon


UBORSE Women Pearl Clutch Bag 

This one is honestly my favourite! This is a faux pearl bag, and what’s cool about this one is the entire thing is made of these pearls, the under-side, the back, the sides, all of it and it just looks super-super luxe!

Handmade Polymer Clay Beads

If the little mermaid wore a purse, this would be it!

Click here to view this purse on amazon


QZUnique Women’s Love Angel Embossed Clutch Evening Bag

I have seen so many bags like this on Pinterest. This purse is so aesthetic with all the gold details and the angel!

It’s like carrying around a little piece of art, so cute. It also comes in many styles and colours so you can pick whatever suits you!

Click here to visit this purse on amazon!


Novelty Poker Card Queen Evening Bag

This one is a little ace of spade clutch! This is such a statement piece!

It comes in two chain sizes so you can wear it however you fancy!

Click here to view this purse on amazon


Aitian Designer Tweed Pearl Chain Purse

It is a great Chanel look for less!

Honestly, in my eyes, anything tweed makes our outfit look 100times more expensive and bougie!\

Click here to view this purse on amazon 





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Blog by: Priya Grover

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