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Hi everyone, My name is Oluwatoyosi.  I’m kind of new to Our Fashion Passion but I couldn’t take my eyes off it and its amazing blog posts by amazing people. So, I thought, ‘Why not share some of my own Fashion thoughts’.

Now, I’m definitely not a fashion guru (chuckles) but I must say when I see something my eye thinks looks good and interesting, then I go for it. One thing about me is that I’m Nigerian and if anyone of you knows, the typical Naija lifestyle as we call it, then you’d know we do love our clothes and style. Especially ones that do not totally open our skin to the entire world.

Another thing about me and the seasons of the world is that we can never have too many weddings, am I right? Yep, Weddings are like the time we go all out on our make-ups, dresses, shoes, bags, and accessories and I personally love it all. No, I’m not married (laughs).


Whether it’s the ‘go all out” or the simplest of gowns, we make sure to find ourselves stunning in the gown we chose. Sometimes, it could be a sentiment that attaches you to your gown or just a plain old knowing. Anyone it is, we know it will bring out the pop on a special day.


I also know that whatever we put as our accessories ‘must’ match with the gown or we would have a fashion disaster or a new idea of crazy fashion(shrugs) (I’m not really sure how the mind of a fashion designer works anyway). The hair, makeup, jewelry, shoe, bouquet, are as important as the gown is. So whether a simple gown or an over-the-top wedding gown, the accessories must cut it!

This is just an intro to my simple mind of wedding gowns and trusts me, I go crazy for wedding gowns (weird right?, I get that a lot). So, trust me when I say, ‘there is a lot where this comes from’.

Let me know what you think. Let’s go on a journey of fashion discovery to a new whole world out there (winks).

Later, Fashionistas.

By Oluwatoyosi

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