The Perfect Beach Wedding Attire for Female Guests

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Many women who dream of their perfect wedding envision getting married on the beach, where the air is soft and the sand crunches beneath your feet as you walk toward your future husband. As you contemplate this magical moment, it may cross your mind to wonder about how to dress for a beach wedding. It’s not just about wearing your hair up or down; there are plenty of other considerations when deciding how to dress for the beach wedding of your dreams. With these tips on beach wedding attire for female guests, you can be sure that you’ll be dressed to impress at your best friend’s big day!

Choosing the Right Accessories

Add some sparkle to your casual beach wedding attire with accessories. Casual jewelry is key for beach weddings since it offers a touch of elegance, as well as a bit of drama. Women can pair their casual beach wedding dresses with bright earrings, long necklaces, bracelet combos, or even a chunky necklace layered over another necklace. Instead of wearing cocktail rings or formal diamond rings to parties, try opting for statement rings or other alternative pieces—they’ll elevate your outfit without being over the top. During warm weather months, one way to add a little drama to your look is by wearing something daring on your feet. Flip-flops are always casual favorites, but who says you have to be conservative?

Bathing Suits, Bikinis, and Cover-ups

As one of your bridesmaids, I know you want me to look my best on your special day, but you also want everyone in attendance to feel comfortable. As a female guest at a beach wedding, my goal is to look presentable while keeping true to my personal style. The trick is dressing appropriately enough so I don’t stick out like a sore thumb among all of your important guests, but also putting together an outfit that still reflects who I am as an individual. Now how can we accomplish that without sacrificing comfort?

Sarongs, Caftans, and Maxi dresses


Beach Wedding Attire

When it comes to casual beach wedding attire, there are a few hard and fast rules. Still, there are a few dress items that can enhance any lady’s look while making her feel like she’s blending in with her surroundings. Sarongs, caftans, and maxi dresses (along with other long, loose pieces) are perfect additions to any wardrobe and work well at beach weddings because they provide plenty of coverage without looking heavy or uncomfortable. There is no such thing as being overdressed at a casual beach wedding, so feel free to be creative with your clothing choices.

Shorts, Skorts, and Skirts

For women, shorts and skirts are ideal beach wedding attire. In fact, some guests might want to think twice about wearing pants at in case they’re uncomfortable while dancing or sitting around a dinner table. And when it comes to shoes, consider sandals and wedges since you’ll likely be standing or walking around most of the night. However, even heels will look nice with a summer skirt; just make sure you choose wedges with thicker heels that won’t sink into soft sand on your way to your seat (or out onto the dance floor).

Dresses and Tops

Summer skirts are easy and breezy, so they’re the perfect beach wedding attire. Skirts come in every style and length. Check out a cute up-skirt to show off your legs. The hemline is often knee-length or just above, but mini-skirts are also popular if you want something that’s more body-conscious. Don’t wear anything short enough to show off what’s underneath, however. Make sure your top is equally modest—no plunging necklines or sheer fabric. You’ll be walking on sandy beaches and you don’t want to worry about anything hanging out! A sleeveless blouse can be both comfortable and appropriate for a casual beach wedding as long as it covers everything from your waist to your shoulders.

Heels, Flats, and Sandals


Beach Wedding Attire 2211

Even if you’re planning on wearing heels, it’s a good idea to have flats or sandals on hand. A flat heel makes walking easier in and out of crowded areas and some hotels provide beach transportation that doesn’t accommodate heels. Opting for flats or sandals will keep your feet comfortable as well; no one wants sore toes or blisters from too-tight shoes rubbing against their skin all day. While there are plenty of casual beach wedding dresses out there, deciding on an outfit can be difficult. It doesn’t have to be! Simple styles with a slim silhouette are best; avoid busy patterns and bold colors that can be distracting at such an event.

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Hair Accessories

When it comes to ladies’ beach wedding attire, hair accessories are an absolute must. A pretty comb, a sparkling clip, or even a casual headband can take your look from nice to absolutely stunning. Pair your hair accessory with some classy sunglasses and you’re good to go. For those looking for something beachy without being too over-the-top, elegant flip-flops are another great option—plus they’re sure to keep your feet comfortable all day long! You won’t regret rocking these at your next beach wedding or event, as we promise there will be tons of compliments coming your way.

Tiaras, Headbands, and Veils

There’s nothing wrong with these traditional wedding accessories. You can buy beautiful tiaras, veils, and headbands at any beachwear shop. In fact, you might even want to try buying beach-themed tiaras or veils to help make your attire feel less wedding and more appropriate for a casual beach wedding. Try a tiara covered in seashells or one made of fabric that looks like it was weaved from palm trees; voila—instant beach wedding attire! Likewise, wearing a veil over your face is another way to ensure people don’t focus on how much skin you’re showing; instead, they’ll be admiring your beautiful accessory and your gorgeous smile!


To be on point and fashion-forward at a beach wedding, stay away from knee-length skirts and dresses. Go with up-skirts that cover your thighs; they’ll keep your look polished while showing off just enough leg to please Mom. If you’re more of a casual type, try patterned maxi dresses with sandals or open-toed wedges (no thongs). A sarong can also add an element of color to your ensemble while keeping your legs free in case you want to head down to splash around in the ocean.

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By Bisma Khan

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