The Top Fashion Supermodel Bella Hadid joins metaverse with NFT Collection “CY-B3LLA”

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Isabella Khairiah (Bella) Hadid is a supermodel well-known for her fashion and beauty. She recently launched a new NFT collection called “CY-B3LLA” in collaboration with the NFT minting platform reBASE.

Bella Hadid launches her NFT collection
(Images: Fashion supermodel Bella Hadid launches her NFT collection)

The collection features the 3D artwork of her face and body scans. In an interview with one of the most popular fashion publishers, she shared that she became obsessed with video games during the lockdown in the US because of the Covid19 pandemic. Those games inspired her to make a fantastic digital version of herself in the virtual world.

Hadid shared on social media that she aims to encourage human interactions, travel, community, growth, and fantasy through this collection. She also shared that the whole process of creating NFTs was super fun!

She said, “To see what kind of version of me that their brain concocted was really interesting … There are so many different versions of me that you could make and not ones that I could ever dream up”.

NFT collection of Bella Hadid in collaboration with reBASE
(Images: NFT collection of Bella Hadid in collaboration with reBASE)

NFTs were created by local artists and released in 10 different countries of the world. Each NFT has a unique aesthetic of the region of local artists. The collection is classy, and artistic in every way. The first batch of the collection features images of Hadid in a robotic style inspired by Japan. She was 3D scanned from head to toe to create virtual art pieces. We can see her transformation into a cyborg inspired by the manga, and shibari. This collection is available only in white, sakura pink, and red colors. Each NFT has rewards, and they enable the holders to have access to the unwired events attended by Hadid, the metaverse Bella mansion, global treasure hunts, and more. The second batch features images of Hadid in her signature biker chic outfit, which is an homage to her iconic Carven brand and its fashion show.

She has struggled with anxiety and depression in the past and believes that the world of metaverse has the potential to be much healthier, and happier as compared to the world we are living in. What’s circulating on the internet is toxic and if we focus on what everyone thinks, we can easily lose track. CY-B3LLA has a chat app and she thinks that it’s good to chat with friends and fans that are like-minded in a low environment. 

She said, “There’s a scary part of the internet but there’s a really beautiful part of the internet, and that’s people being able to find a space where they can belong.”


NFT collection of Bella Hadid
(Images: NFT collection of Bella Hadid)

Bella hopes that this medium will help bridge the gap between her and fans as the collectors of NFT will be given access to meet in person across the globe. Currently, there is a high demand for the Bella Hadid NFT collection on the web3. People can register themselves for the whitelist through the official website of CY-B3LLA


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