The Truth About Expensive Watches Sold Online

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Today you will no longer surprise anyone by purchasing expensive watches through an online store. The choice is wider, the prices are usually lower, and it takes less time than traveling to the capital’s boutiques. But is it worth buying Swiss watches this way?

E-commerce today is growing exponentially, which cannot but please market players: if in 2004 you could find about 30 registered stores for which watches are the main product, today there are hundreds of them.

However, a completely different question is: do all these stores have customers? If about a third of the country’s adult population has access to the Internet today, then no more than 12-15% of them are active virtual shoppers. The following reasons stop, especially when buying expensive goods:


Expensive Watches
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1. The buyer does not have a virtual means of payment. Often, online stores, especially foreign ones, work with payment systems that are not available to American consumers.

2. Internet fraud. Even one expensive purchase, such as a Swiss watch, can pay for the scammers’ efforts to create a virtual decoy site. High-tech crime units still lack the expertise to proactively take down fraudsters.

3. The habit of buying by feeling. The product must be held in your hands. If you have not previously tried on a similar model, it is more difficult to buy a watch carefully, because it is important to feel how it will fit to your hand, whether it will be too heavy or light for you, and the bracelet – too wide or narrow.

4. Lack of additional service. Until now, online stores, even those selling completely legal and high-quality expensive watches, are in no hurry to offer their customers warranty service. And when purchasing such a technically complex product, the availability of warranty service is often crucial.

For these reasons, today it is much easier to buy fakes or, as sellers call them, “replicas” of Swiss watches on the Internet. But perhaps the buyer will still be able to save significantly. A caveat should be made here – yes, it will succeed if the buyer lives in the right place.

The usual advantages of virtual trading – no rental sales floors, fewer staff – have almost no effect on the cost of such expensive watches as Swiss watches. The only thing a buyer can count on is high competition, which forces online stores, if not dumping, then, in any case, coming very close to the dangerous line, minimizing their profits.

But the fact is that the Swiss themselves support the so-called regional price level. The same model of the watch can cost differently in America, Europe, Russia, and Japan. In the online store, of course, the price is the same for buyers from all regions. Gradually, Swiss manufacturers are coming to the idea of ​​unifying prices for luxury watches, but for now, virtual trade remains for them – an unloved illegitimate child.

However, the future most likely lies in virtual trading. Therefore, if the offer of online stores that do not hide their legal address and enclose warranty documents with the watch seems tempting and profitable to you, buy it!

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