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These days, a cap travels with you everywhere. The cap is acceptable in practically every setting of life, be it athletics, leisure, or sometimes even the workplace. However, not every cap is appropriate for every situation or individual. We show you what else to watch out for and offer you some styling advice.




The cap originated in American baseball. They served as sun protection and their color made it clear which team the players belonged to. Later, the Americans discovered the cap as a practical alternative to classic hats. It was not until the 1970s that the trend came to Germany. Rap stars discovered the cap as a cool statement for themselves. But it wasn’t just young people who quickly took a liking to the cool headwear. Older men also realized how practical it is to cover light hair with a cap.


How should the cap be correctly put on? This is a question that is frequently unclear. In essence, you are free to wear the cap any way you like. Thankfully, your cap’s placement does not convey a social or political message. However, it helps to adhere to a few styling guidelines based on your hair type and head shape.

You have decent sun protection if you wear the cap traditionally, with the visor pointing forward. Slide the cap onto your head loosely. To avoid making your head appear excessively long, it shouldn’t sit too high. Make sure your head doesn’t appear abnormally large in the mirror before wearing the cap with the visor to the back. This is advantageous, particularly for outdoor activities where the sun is directly overhead your neck. In particular, younger guys like to wear the cap sideways. Whether the visor points left or right depends on personal preference. However, take care not to slant the visor at a ninety-degree angle, but rather just slightly towards the ear. Only Will Smith from “The Prince of Bel-Air” looks well in this, if at all.


The model of your cap will also determine how well it fits in a certain setting. We have some advice for you because caps come in different shapes. Visually, caps look best when they do not completely cover the ears and there is not too much space between the ears and the cap. Additionally, the cap shouldn’t protrude to the side. This creates a mushroom look – and not for the classic, indeed iconic, Beetles version.

1. Baseball Cap


Baseball Cap

The size of the traditional “fitted” baseball cap cannot be changed. Thus, before making a purchase, make sure it fits properly by looking at it in the mirror. You won’t be able to wear the cap properly if it is too small since it will sit too high or pinch when worn for extended periods.

2. Snapback Cap


Snapback Cap

Because the snapback’s plastic fastening allows it to be gradually changed in width at the back of the head, it can better fit the form of your head.


The strapback, which is even more useful, is continually adjustable by using a metal fastener to clamp the strap behind the head. To ensure that the cap fits on correctly and nothing presses, adjust the closure. Children benefit from the fastening because the hat “grows” with them.

3. Flexfit Cap


Flexfit Cap

Fasteners are not included with Flexfit caps. The elastic band ensures that they fit your head size precisely.

4. Trucker caps


Trucker cap

A plastic grille for ventilation is located at the back of trucker hats. Usually, the peak is shorter. Bring it closer to your face for a fashionable look.

5. Five-panel caps


girl wearing a black cap

The 5-panels, which are hot right now and relatively new, also feature a short peak. They fit closely, are flat, and come in a variety of closures.

For those of you who never leave the house without a cap, you should purchase an assortment so you can wear a model that is appropriate for various situations. You can wear any cap that you like for sports and other recreational activities. While colorful models are popular among younger guys, older men don’t always look good in them. For outdoor activities, breathable material with UV protection is beneficial.

Except in professional settings and other situations where wearing a suit is mandatory, you should avoid wearing a cap. Unless you are in charge, in which case you should be free to act however you like. You can wear a subtle cap to events where you don’t have to wear a suit but shouldn’t dress too casually either. Ideally one without gaudy lettering from a sports team or business on it. Vibrant hues are also improper. The cap’s color should always coordinate with the remainder of your ensemble. This gives it a premium appearance and unifies the entire ensemble. Make sure the cap is on correctly, ideally with the peak facing forward, if you want it to be taken seriously.

How should I properly take care of my cap?

Naturally, sweat stains and odors are also absorbed by caps. However, avoid placing your cap in the dishwasher or washing machine as this could cause the visor to warp. Wash your cap by hand just to be sure. We explain how to do this in our guide “Washing and caring for your cap properly”.

Which cap do you like most?

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