The Ultimate Guide To Buying Some Really, Really Good Shoes For Men.

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I’ll be honest: after twenty years of buying shoes from well-known brands, I decided to buy a pair of trainers from the street market for Rs 499 one day. I haven’t worn them more than twice in the eight years that have passed.

Why? They gave me the impression that I was barefoot walking on stones. Who finds that appealing? Nobody.

The pricing is the lightest layer in the multi-layered process of selecting a quality pair of men’s shoes.

Everything matters, from unique technologies to features with an amazing sound. Here, there isn’t a universally applicable answer. But we’ve compiled a few simple guidelines to make choosing the ideal men’s shoes easier for you.

1. Know Your Ground


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Determine first where you want to wear the shoes. For a formal setting, perhaps? A nuptial? Would you wear these to work out? Or perhaps you’d rather run off-road?

Oxfords and Derbys are examples of dress shoes that are more suitable for formal settings and occasions. Although they are fashionable and cozy, they are not made to provide you with the same level of support and technological advantages as road shoes.

In a similar vein, road shoes are made for extremely smooth surfaces. They support you by utilizing your foot’s natural motion. Conversely, you need shoes with greater traction and support and less cushioning for off-road running.

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2. Check The Weight


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The impact that your shoe weight may have is remarkable. If you were to choose running shoes, for example, you could assume that an additional 100g would not make a difference. However, you’ll know it’s significant when you observe a shift in your running pattern and time.

Once you have determined why you are purchasing a new pair, stay with lightweight technology.

3. Choose Substance Over Style

Many people choose shoes based solely on appearance or budget, but after they use them frequently, they end up hurting themselves. This content alone could be the cause.

Not every shoe designed for speed will be supportive and comfortable. Undoubtedly, one may find a stylish product that delivers exceptional performance. But when you’re buying, you should be more concerned with the material, support, and comfort than the price or how stylish a pair is.

4. Invest In The Technique

You wouldn’t bother purchasing a pair of extremely comfortable but ugly shoes if you’re an introvert who gets out once a week. However, if you’re the type of person who wears shoes to work or regularly goes to dinners and gatherings, then comfort turns into a need.

You might not pay as much attention to the methods as a professional runner if you run for fun. However, it’s crucial to talk about the technologies that shoe companies are introducing through their products.

5. Beware Of Shoe Snakes

You should follow your gut if the offer seems too good to be true. Because there are so many fakes on the market, you should exercise caution when purchasing through private listings. Pay attention to the box, the label’s quality, the tags inside the shoes, the brand’s label placement, the release date, the shoe’s SKU, and the factory code.

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It will prevent you from purchasing imitation footwear, which is bad for both your feet and your reputation.

6. Don’t Give Into The Hype

It’s not a good idea to purchase shoes just because everyone else is doing it. Invest in something that fulfills your purpose and finds your flair.

Don’t succumb to the hype around shoes, which are so personal, just because an actor owns them or your favorite influencer is recommending them.

Some excellent shoes are out of style and, for some reason, nobody seems to be interested in them. So consider your motivation for purchasing them. Do you think they are too ostentatious? Or do they truly fulfill your needs and go well with your outfit?

7. Finding Just The Right Amount Of Comfort


comfortable shoes

When determining whether shoes fit properly in a store, keep the following in mind:

During the afternoon, go shoe shopping because your feet swell during the day.

Do the same type and length of socks that you plan to wear with the shoes.

Let the salesperson measure your two feet, then select the size that fits the bigger foot.

When standing, make sure there is a minimum of a quarter to a half-inch of space between your toe and the inside edge of the shoe.

Before confirming, take a few minutes to walk around in the shoes and assess the material and sole quality.

Trust the comfort label on your feet and disregard the shoe size.

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