The uncommon side! 7 sexy bikini choices by annie murphy

Annie Murphy floralnhood swimwear
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Annie Murphy has been the Emmy winner actress who is known for her role as Alexis Rose on “Schitt’s Creek,” she is greatly talented in performances. Annie Murphy has been regarded as a style icon for the choices she has made in fashion. She has been dazzling with a glamorous dress. Here are her seven most-standing bikini choices.

1. Retro Vibes

Annie Murphy has been embracing her retro-chic dress which was high-waisted. Her bikini choices have been vibrant with modern colors.  This bikini contained a polka dot design that was attracting fans.

Annie Murphy pink bikini

2. Bold and bright

Annie displayed herself with the neon bikini that wow-wowed many of her fans. It was accompanied by vibrant colors that were shining under the sun. It was a bright bikini that provided much admiration.

3. Boho Chic

The boho-inspired bikini provided clear details about Annie. This bikini was adorned with modern designs. It inspired many in this realm of fashion. The outfit provided clear details on her beauty leaving no doubt behind.

Annie Murphy floralnhood swimwear

4. Sporty Spice

When the day is more active, Annie has embraced her playful side with her sporty wear. Having her sporty wear, Annie went for beach gaming such as volleyball. She showed her great interest in fashion and sport. With the sporty wear, Annie remained to be the attention of everyone on the beach.

5. Elegant and Minimalist

Annie Murph featured a tight mini dress that was a denim style. This was a minimal dress to get with such a design. The look itself was a perfect match for her figure. Her fans were seen to embrace her look vibrantly.

AAnnie Murphy flower print bikini

6. Tropical Flair

The tropical wear was a vibing look that acted as attention commander on the beach. This bikini was designed with vibrant colors that were so calling to get involved in fashion. Its fitting nature added a touch of glamour. She accessorized this outfit a class watch that was a perfect match for its look.

7. Edgy Allure

Annie was ruling the fashion realm with her stunning look that wow-wowed her fans. It was a smart bikini that was a vibing look to everyone. Allure was a luxury wear that provided much comfort.



WRITTEN BY: Alex Munene

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