The Women’s Bomber Jacket for Every Season and Every Occasion

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The history of the bomber jacket began in the 20s of the last centuries. It was invented by the Douglas brothers for visitors to their flying club, as protection from the cold and wind in the open cockpit of an airplane. The American Air Force became interested in the innovation. The comfortable leather overalls were liked by pilots and got their name by analogy with a bomber plane. Then, but from knitwear or fabric, it migrated to student uniforms and later became a fashionable part of the men’s wardrobe.

The beautiful half of humanity could not miss their chance, and a wonderful thing in all respects appeared – a men’s bomber leather jacket. If you are wondering what to throw over your shoulders in cool weather, then this is the place for you. We will study to get acquainted with practical and stylish clothes and learn how to wear them.

Bomber in all its diversity

American pilots and students had to wear one style, the details of which were so thought out that they remained unchanged to this day. Characteristic features are:

  • thick cuffs on the sleeves;
  • elastic band at the bottom and collar;
  • convenient side pockets;
  • short length;
  • zipper or button closure.

The body in a bomber jacket simply sinks into a small warm cocoon. But man nature does not tolerate monotony, and designers have created many models, among which you will definitely find yours.


Versatility is the main strength of bomber jackets; they can be worn almost all year round. In the summer these are windbreakers and glamorous pieces for creative looks, in the off-season they are reliable protection from wind and dampness, in the winter they are elongated models with a hood that are not afraid of any cold weather.

Women’s bombers can be very original, made of transparent fabric and lace, and decorated with rhinestones, sequins, and embroidery. But this is for special occasions. In everyday life, a stylish jacket made of raincoat fabric, nylon, leather, calm or bright colors is more useful.

Quilted bomber jackets are popular, combined, for example, with leather sleeves and a fabric base, with floral prints, inserts, and stripes. New styles have appeared – with buttons and long, preferable for large sizes, as well as for those who consider a short jacket with a zipper too frivolous.


Once a mandatory attribute of the university uniform, the American bomber jacket has become popular clothing among young people. But not only young girls but also ladies of quite a respectable age are not averse to including such a jacket in their wardrobe.


This comfortable sweatshirt is most often made from thick jersey. The fabric may contain more cotton or wool; the addition of neoprene fibers gives elasticity and a water-repellent effect. Who it is suitable for and in what situation depends on the print.

For active girls and sports enthusiasts – stripes of numbers and letters, animalistic designs, symbols in the form of the American flag, a combination of black and white, or other contrasting colors. For elegant feminine looks, use jacquard patterns, such as rose print or Norwegian print. Business ladies can wear plain bomber jackets in calm colors.

What to wear with a fashionable jacket?

A bomber jacket can be matched with almost any clothing style. You just need to skillfully complement it with other wardrobe items, shoes, and accessories. This is easy to do, especially since eclecticism and layering are in fashion. So, what to wear with a stylish bomber jacket?

bomber jacket
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Skirts, trousers, dresses

A sporty bomber jacket goes well with elegant skirt styles: sun flare, godet, tulip, pencil. Looks good with both mini and maxi lengths. Skirts can be not only narrow, but also loose, gathered, plain, colored, or with geometric prints. Complete the set with a top, any blouse, or a white shirt.

Pants and a bomber jacket are simply made for each other. Both classic models and narrowed, wide ones, such as elegant culottes, are suitable. A bomber jacket with jeans is absolutely the right choice. Tight skinnies or loose boyfriends – it doesn’t matter. The combination with shorts is also interesting. For the top-knitted T-shirts and tops, plain and checkered shirts.

A bomber jacket will perfectly complement a sheath dress or a little black one. The stylish jacket goes well with shirt dresses, romantic flowy sundresses, and even evening dresses. The main thing is that the texture of the fabrics is in harmony. Almost any bomber jacket can be worn with knitted and knitted dresses.


Rough boots and a massive platform will help balance out the voluminous top. But this is not a mandatory requirement. The choice of shoes depends on what style you want to appear in:

  • for a sporty style – sneakers
  • for a romantic look – elegant ballet flats and sandals;
  • casual – complete freedom of choice.

Experiment, try to combine incompatible things and you will succeed.

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The American bomber jacket, that is, a jacket, is colorful in itself and does not require accessories at all or costs a minimum. In any case, the jacket needs to be complemented with a bag. Flat clutches, sports backpacks, soft bags, and shopping bags are suitable.

For cool weather, you will need a hat. Choose a knitted hat that suits your style and shape. Jewelry, watches, gloves, and glasses are chosen according to the same principle. They should be in harmony with the image as a whole.

Useful tips

A dark plain or black and white bomber jacket can replace a jacket in a business suit.

Elongated models are suitable either for plump girls with harmonious figures or for slender and tall ones.

Bomber jackets add a touch of teenage expression and enthusiasm to the look. If your actual age is far from this period, try to keep the look in an elegant feminine style.

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We have prepared for you fashionable looks with a central accent – a stylish bomber jacket in a variety of variations.

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