Tips on what to wear to an Indian wedding for the first time

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Hello Fashionistas, I was reading a very good novel that so happened to entail the details of an Indian wedding. I was like, yeah author, this is so good (lol). I read everything words for word and appreciated the culture, finesse, food, and love because I’m a romantic (nope, not a hopeless one).

Why Indian weddings?

So, Indian weddings are like a go all out kinda event. It’s kinda like all their festivals, e.g the festival of color. It’s just one big bundle of joyous events that could last days. Now, imagine, you get invited to your friend’s or maybe your brother-in-law’s or (you get the drill) wedding in India. Okay, and you don’t know the first thing about Indian weddings. Well, it’s time you get some help.

Safe to say, I really wanna be a part of one and so, with my novel knowledge and research, I have decided to give my favorite fashionistas a taste of Indian Fashion… Anyways, please follow me for updates on my books through Instagram(pout face). My favorite Indian actress is Yukta Kapoor

Tips on Indian weddings dress code

Now, one of the problems I have with attending weddings is the dress code. I’m always out of my league when it comes to what to wear, and it bothers me so much that I have to look online for tips on what to wear and how to dress. So, when I get an invite to a wedding, I get nervous but it has drastically reduced when I got wind of these tips…







One of the things that helps though is the color code and that is one of the beautiful things about an Indian wedding. It is no joke when I tell you that Indian fashion has a lot to do with color and so also their weddings.

They pick any range of sparkly colors to a beautiful nude tone, anything really that will bring out the joy of the wondrous occasion. Not to mention their jewelry but we’ll come to that later…

What color?

The first tip for dressing for an Indian wedding is to wear the color. As a guest, it is mostly advised to not wear red as it may be the color of the bride’s wedding attire and definitely not black (yeah, it kinda isn’t right).

This means bright colors like yellow, blue, and purple or subtle colors like nude, pink, and ash, are always welcomed, so you’ll feel right in place when you go to the wedding.

You've found the one, now I find the dress.

Saree for females and Sherwani for males are not bad:

Yep, you heard me. Who says Sarees and Sherwani are only worn by married couples? I mean if you really wanna showcase the Indian lavish lifestyle, then, how else than with a Saree set or Sherwani?



A Saree is a long piece of fabric, often made of silk, that’s used to wrap around the body. It is usually worn over a blouse (cropped) and a petticoat(a long inner skirt). Honestly, I just love the finesse and beauty that comes with wearing a Saree. It’s like a chic and regal attire that could be worn anywhere and still make you look ethereal.



A sherwani is a knee-length coat buttoning to the neck, worn by men. It may seem as though these are the outfits of the bride and groom but it is also significant outfit for the guest. Especially Indian guests.

I may not be a specialist in men’s clothing but I knew I had found my taste for Indian men’s outfits when I saw the Sherwani. I mean, it could make any size of any man look like a King, and who doesn’t like that? C’mon guys, tell me the truth. It’s just the kind of outfit that makes you stand out anywhere at any time.

Lehenga (females) and Kurta(males) sets…

Why the Pairing? I think one of the things that make us comfortable at a wedding you have been invited to for the first time, is having someone we know by our side. Now, I do not necessarily mean that you have to go source for a date when you have only one invite. I’m saying that you may have a friend over there in India, who you know you can trust to be by your side. So, why not ask your friend about what he or she is wearing in order to feel more comfortable when choosing a style or outfit for your first Indian wedding?



The Lehenga is a two-piece outfit that includes a top (usually cropped) with a full, high-waisted skirt. I would prefer my skirt pleated (I think 🤔🤔) so that way I don’t look too plain in just a plain skirt.

Many people have their styles but when it comes to Lehenga, it’s like you can go all out. I know, you can probably do that for a saree set. However, the fun fact about Lehenga is that you can design your skirt and top anyhow you like and even still place a dupatta on it.

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The dupattā is a shawl traditionally worn by women in the Indian subcontinent to cover the head and shoulders.


Kurta style for indian wedding As for the male’s Kurta; Kurta is a long loose shirt, the length of which falls below or maybe just above the knees of the wearer. It may look similar to the Sherwani and trust me, I got confused (lol) but what I like more about the Kurta is that it looks super comfortable. (not sure how true it is but I did say looks, right? laughs).

The Kurta makes the male wearing it look regal. I’m pretty sure men would like that (am I right, guys). Any color of Kurta can be sown, bought, and worn depending on the style of the wearer.

So, even though Indian weddings love their color, please guys, try to wear the color that suits you (lol, so you don’t make a mockery of yourself, just saying).

Wear a jumpsuit (for females) and a suit set (for males), cause, why not?

I know, you guys may think; what? but hear me out. Indian weddings are beautiful occasions but also a day of extravagance and love and whether you think it or not, comfortable formality. Lol, did I lose you? I say comfortable formality because why in the world would you go to any wedding for that matter, wearing just anything? Just because it looks good doesn’t mean it’s for you.


Jumpsuit for Indian wedding A jumpsuit or in this case a beautiful color-edifying jumpsuit may look too simple but guess what, it’s not. Yep, even Indians wear jumpsuits, and let me tell you, it is absolutely gorgeous.

Yeah, so a jumpsuit is not overthinking the wedding but just blending with the culture and trying out new things.


Oh, and who is to say you can’t have a dupatta running around your shoulder even though you wear a normal jumpsuit? It’s like adding a cherry to a cake.


Suits sets

Suits sets for indian weddings For the men’s suit set. I’m talking about a suit jacket, suit pants, and a nice tie (not a bow tie please, I don’t like those). I personally would like a guy who can look good in a suit. I know it may sound too formal but meh, it’s a wedding, and you gotta look good right?

Don’t overthink the situation and go for a nice color suit set and a beautifully designed Indian tie. Maybe, you could bring your own bride home (wink).

And another point to note is. Since Indian weddings are lavish and extravagant, many people would love to show their social status. What better way to be noticed than, by giving the mysterious rich look (ooooh, squeals; I read this in a novel and oh my, it was just right)

Nope, I’m not saying you should give murderous vibes guys. Just that simple smile, and let the clothes talk about your status.

Look like you stepped out of a magazine in a beautiful cocktail dress (for ladies) and a nice Tux(for men):

No, guys… I’m not exaggerating. Have you ever been so indecisive to the extent that all the Indian styles you bought suit you? I’ve been there and lemme tell you, it ain’t pretty. I basically had to just wear what I had in my wardrobe and it was suited to the color theme of the wedding and I was comfortable.

Cocktail dresses

I’m not saying to go all out for just a cocktail dress but you could make a little effort into what you decide. Let the color theme guide you and add some Indian drapes to the ensemble.


For example. Wear a beautiful purple fitted gown that has a sweetheart neckline and a slit until your knee and pair it with a saree. Or you could match a long or short ball gown; that is flared at the waist and have a dupatta around your neck.

Honestly, you’d look good in any, especially for all sizes.



Tux for Indian weddings As for the tux; yeah, I know but it’s so cool. Let the color guide you.

Do you know how a tux could have a waistcoat? Yeah, why not try pairing a white shirt with a red tie, and a crimson red waistcoat, then top it up with a black tux?

Just be free with the color pairing but make sure they match and suit you.



Never forget the accessories

Accesories for indian weddingsAccesories for indian weddingsI’m talking about everything accessories; jewelry, shoes, nails, bags… Indian weddings are like beach parties. Having everything well planned, fun, and possibly loud, but most of all, they accessorize…





Acessories for indian weddings





From the pieces of jewelry to the kind of shoes you wear. Make sure you have a well-thought-out plan for these if you will be attending as a guest.

You've found the one, now I find the dress.

I know, not many people like jewelry or would like to be simple. I totally agree but one of the ways to blend in with the Indian culture is to wear the accessory even if you can’t wear the outfits.

That was long enough, right?

Wow, I have ranted so much… But what can I say, Indian weddings are beautiful events, and going as a guest is like being invited to tea with the queen. It’s true because they treat their guests really well, so it would make a great impression by choosing to wear from their collections.

So guys, gotta run because I’ve got a lot of stuff to do and so little battery life left. Please don’t forget to read my books (Pouts)… More chapters are out and the stories are on fire; so read, comment and share…

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