Top 10 Best Men’s Haircut Trends in 2024 Perfect for Every Hair Type: Which one do you like?

best men's haircut styles
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Men’s haircut trends keep evolving, giving way to other newer, fresh, and exciting haircut trends. From classic, bold, or contemporary haircut styles, this year’s hairstyles for men offer a variety of options regardless of whether you have short, medium, or long hair. So, are you looking for the hottest and trending hairstyles for men or even the most popular men’s haircuts in 2024? Then you have come to the right place.  After combing the internet and speaking to a popular barber shop near me, the following is a curated list of the best haircuts for men in 2024. Go on and elevate your hairstyle game with these attractive men’s haircuts for a fresh and attractive look.

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Best Men’s Haircut 1: The Textured Crop Haircut


To begin the list, we have the textured crop men’s haircut. It continues to be one of the best haircuts for men, even in 2024. While the textured crop is incredibly versatile and allows you to experiment with different hair types, it is particularly fantastic as a short men’s haircut. Also, the textured crop haircut is a favorite style among fashionable haircuts for boys and men who prefer wearing it with a fade or a taper.

Top Men’s Haircut 2: The Modern Pompadour Haircut.

#Justin Timberlake's best hairstyles

The Modern Pompadour men’s hairstyle is another popular men’s haircut trend in 2024. This medium-length men’s haircut involves combing the hair upwards and back, creating a high and voluminous “pomp” on top. The hair on the back and sides is relatively shorter than the top. It’s a sophisticated and versatile look that can be dressed up or down, adding a touch of glamour to any look. That’s why it’s a popular choice for men who want a fashionable and polished hairstyle and has been worn even by celebrities such as Elvis Presley, Brad Pitt, and Justin Timberlake.

Best Men’s Haircut 3: The Buzz Cut Haircut

#buzz men's haircut drake

If you’re looking for a versatile, low-maintenance, clean, and crisp haircut that requires very little upkeep at a men’s barber near you, go for a buzz-cut hairstyle. A buzz cut is a fantastic choice for men looking for ‘men’s haircuts near me ‘that are simple, masculine, and attractive even at a men’s barber.

Best Men’s Haircut 4: The Taper Haircut.


Taper haircut is another trending setting haircut for men in 2024. It’s a popular men’s haircut that suits various hair lengths and faces. Most importantly, it’s a Low-maintenance haircut style, hence perfect for boys’ haircuts and adults seeking a clean look without committing to a full fade.

Attractive Men’s Haircut 5:  The Curly Top Haircut

#Curly Top Men's Haircut

The curly top hairstyle is also one of the most popular men’s haircuts for curly hair that can make a man’s face even more handsome. For instance, a long, curly haircut is incredibly versatile and can be styled in many different ways, offering a relaxed yet stylish appearance.


Popular Men’s Haircut 6:  The Slick Back Haircut

Popular Men's Haircut: push back haircut style for men

The slick-back haircut style is one of the most versatile styles, making a comeback in 2024. From straight, wavy, or curly hair, the style can be tailored to complement your natural hair texture, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication, especially for me with longer hair. Also, Slick Back Haircuts is a top pick for medium-length men’s haircut styles.

Cool Men’s Haircut 7: The Side Part Haircut

Cool Men's Haircut: side part haircut for men

Simply put, the side part is a very classic and timeless haircut. It is a simple, sexy, and sophisticated haircut style for men. With a side-part hairstyle, you can follow the growth direction of your hair and create your side part in the same direction. The side part haircut style often works well with both short and medium-length mens hair cuts.

Other Trending Men’s Haircuts

Edgar haircut style

#Edgar Haircut Styles for Men to Try

Edgar’s haircut is so popular right now because of its versatility. The style works perfectly on a variety of hair types to give you that unique and classic look. According to a reliable source, Edgar cut is believed to have originated from the hairstyles of the indigenous Native Americans, called the Jumano tribe. I would recommend getting an Edgar haircut the next time you visit your barber shop near you as you break the monotony of the conventional haircut styles.

Butterfly haircut style

Butterfly cut is another trending haircut style making waves in 2024. It has cascading layers to give strands movement and is a fun way of faking a short hairstyle even if it’s long. Moreover, a butterfly haircut does not grow out awkwardly. Take a look at the photo below.

Mullet Haircut Style

#mordern mullet hairtcut styles for men

Mullet haircuts are also making heads turn in 2024. The iconic haircut style is a true testament to the daring and bold nature of the era. Also, the modern-day mullet is the ultimate symbol of hotness especially if you’re looking for a clean-cut bad boy look.

Morgan Wallen haircut

#Morgan Wallen new haircut style

The famous country singer Morgan Wallen’s new hairstyle is making waves on the internet.  He no longer rocks his signature mullet and mustaches.  Morgan Wallen shocked fans during his Columbus, Ohio, stop and appeared to be bald underneath a red cap and with shaved facial hair. In his own words, he addressed his audience saying ‘I didn’t like my long hair anymore, so I shaved it off’. So take a look at Morgan Wallens new haircut

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