Top 10 Vampire Outfit Ideas

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First, it’s important to note that what you wear matters less than the manner in which you wear it. Humans are extremely visual creatures, so your appearance can affect how people perceive you and how they react to you. A well-dressed vampire will be perceived as more respectable and trustworthy than one who is dressed in rags, even if both vampires are wearing the same style of clothing. Here are some vampire outfit ideas.

Top 10 Vampire Outfit Ideas

1) Goth Chic

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The one style vampires never seem to get wrong is goth chic. With all that dark, draped clothing and black eyeliner, goths are ready to hit both a rave and a funeral in style. Pair your favorite tattered dress with some fishnets and combat boots for an intimidating yet edgy look perfect for any vampire looking to intimidate their dinner guests. Or try out some of those signature cape accessories with a ruffled blouse or elegant velvet jacket. And if you really want to make sure everyone knows you mean business, go ahead and add a little blood-red lipstick to complete your look.

2) Gloomy and Glamorous

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If you’re planning on attending a Halloween party as a vampire, choose an outfit that’s gloomy and glamorous. You want to look like a vampire but not necessarily like someone who just woke up from being dead for 100 years. Black is always in style—especially when it comes to vampires—but don’t go overboard with black tights or anything else too dark. Instead, try to incorporate some dark reds or purples into your outfit; these colors are associated with vampirism in popular culture, so they make perfect additions to your ensemble.

3) Go Dark Gothic

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Do you find yourself always turning to black outfits? Dark reds, blues, and green are also perfect colors to wear. However, if your idea of the dark is a bright pink or green outfit, then go right ahead! There’s no rule that says vampires have to be goths; they can be any type of fashionista they want. What does matter is how confident you feel in what you’re wearing. If it makes you feel like a million bucks, then rock it!

4) Haunt the Night in Black


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One of fashion’s most famous vampires, always rocked his signature black ensemble. And for good reason—it goes with everything! Whether you’re dressing up for Halloween or just want to dress like a vampire, consider these dark-side staples and how you can use them to get your own vamp on. Black jeans are an obvious choice but don’t stop there. Black suits are great for formal occasions (like dining at night), as well as more casual looks (such as watching a movie). A black leather jacket is also an option if you prefer something edgier than classic denim.

5) Spooky Vampire Girl Style

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When most people think of vampires, they’re usually imagining a pale young girl with an elegant sense of fashion. However, vampire girls don’t always stick to dark colors or ultra-conservative clothing choices; in fact, wearing all black can be kind of boring. Instead, vampire girls often wear vibrant colors and are willing to take fashion risks that many other mortals would avoid.

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6) Sweet but Seductive

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It’s important to note that while vampirism is a serious condition, it’s not one that you have to take too seriously. Don’t lose your sense of humor over it! And if you’re feeling anxious about embracing your newfound state, don’t stress: Despite what TV and film would have us believe, there are more than enough outfit options out there that will let you maintain your sense of style without arousing suspicion from humans.

7) Doll Up In Black

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Whether they’re sparkly or smoldering, vampires are always dressed to kill. Any vampire worth her fangs knows how to work a look that’s both fashionable and effective.

9) Look Elegant With White

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Whether you’re a fan of all-black or not, it can be hard to find an outfit that works well when so many pieces are monochromatic. That’s why it’s useful to have at least one go-to outfit in white. White doesn’t only look good on its own (though who doesn’t love a crisp white shirt?) but makes other colors pop and is easier to match with accessories. Looking elegant has never been so easy.

10) Don’t Show Too Much Skin

Vampires are all about mystery and intrigue, so don’t show too much skin. The last thing you want is to attract unwanted attention.


Vampires are one of our favorite supernatural characters, but dressing like a vampire can be quite a challenge. You need to find clothing that fits in with your supernatural lifestyle while also matching your brand. But what do you wear? It’s no secret that vampires tend to dress in black and avoid bright colors at all costs—but other than that, you have free reign! So let’s take a look at our top ten vampire outfit ideas. And don’t forget about accessories!

By Shameen Abbas

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