Top 10 Wholesale Silver Gemstone Jewelry Supplier For Your Business in India

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The gemstone jewelry market in India is expanding and offering a wide variety of options to enterprises wishing to replenish their stock with beautiful items. The nation has a rich heritage of crafting jewelry by blending traditional techniques with modern designs. Are you looking for reliable wholesale silver gemstone jewelry suppliers? This guide provides a comprehensive list of the top ten suppliers in India that will help you. These are good quality products that retailers, online store owners, and designers can buy.

1. 925 Silver Shine

925 silver gemstone jewelry

Located at the heart of the gemstone jewelry industry, 925 Silver Shine stands out as a leading supplier of wholesale silver gemstone jewelry. They have a wide range of products including sterling silver rings for men, sterling silver rings for women, and engagement gemstone rings. Their workmanship leaves nothing to be desired since they make sure each piece is attractive as well as durable in nature. See more on their website at

2. Gemco Designs

Gemco Designs is considered one of the biggest brands for jewelry located in Jaipur Rajasthan and has an extensive collection of sterling silver jewelry. They specialize in Women’s Gemstone Rings and Sterling Silver Rings With Gemstones, which means that you can find various designs according to your style preference or taste in their catalog. Their modern silver anklets with stones are designed so accurately and every delicacy is made sure it’s upheld.

3. KGK Group

KGK Group is one of the mega players in the gems & jewelry business who have been operating for over 100 years. They supply huge quantities of wholesale gemstone jewelry sets which are composed mainly of precious stones mounted onto Sterling silver bands. On account of its excellent quality as well as original designs, this provider enjoys being frequently selected by many businesses.

4. Amrapali Jewels

Amrapali Jewels is a high-end jewelry brand that also offers wholesale options to businesses. They have a selection of Gemstone Vintage Rings and Sterling Silver Rings Mens which are made beautifully with fine details. They take pride in combining modern Indian designs with traditional ones, giving them jewelry that no one else can copy.

5. Raj Jewels

Raj Jewels deals in Wholesale Silver Gemstone Jewelry and they carry many stunning pieces such as Sterling Silver Rings Hearts, and Sterling Silver Rings. Each of their products is suitable for both retail shops and online platforms because they offer versatility plus elegance for each item.

6. Gems Paradise

Gems Paradise, located in Jaipur city, provides many gemstone ornaments including engagement sterling silver rings or gemstone vintage jewelry. The company commits itself to supplying the best quality goods at market competitive prices hence it would be the right partner for your business when you need supplies like these.

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7. Gem Stone Impex

Gem Stone Impex is another top supplier based in India that sells different types of sterling silver jewelry across the country. They offer personalized jewelry options so companies can cater to individual customer’s needs. This wholesaler makes sure it produces fine products by making their silver 925 at a precision level so that it will last long while still being beautiful.

8. RMC Gems

RMC Gems is an Indian company that sells wholesale gemstone beads in India as well as having a wide range of other products used in making jewelry. They also stock wholesale silver gemstone jewelry meaning some businesses may require this material to create items themselves at high standards. Steel used in manufacturing jewelry comes from trusted sources ensuring its quality is excellent.

9. Shivam Jewels

Shivam Jewels is a diverse collection of gemstone jewelry designs that offers sterling silver boho jewelry and sterling silver western jewelry. They make sure that all their products are beautifully unique and crafted with meticulousness. They are wholesale jewelry sellers with whom you can do business in confidence because of their dependability and superior quality.

10. Ratna Sagar Jewels

The Ratna Sagar Jewels offer an extensive range of handmade jewelry made from precious stones, to businesses thus providing a wide selection for the customers to choose from. Their specialty lies in the creation of sterling silver gemstone jewelry as well as in gems used in making jewelry, which means they have everything needed to create beautiful pieces at hand. The company’s wares are known for their extraordinary quality and aesthetic appeal.

Why Choose 925 Silver Shine?

We, at 925 Silver Shine take pride in positioning ourselves among India’s top suppliers of gemstone jewelry. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is quite evident. We provide various ranges, right from couple rings to engagement ring stones including other types like gemstone ring engagement so that our clients get only the best options available on the market. When pricing our brands competitively but maintaining high workmanship, we become one-stop shops for many enterprises planning to increase their selections instead.


For your business growth, you need a good wholesale silver gemstone jewelry supplier. These suppliers have excellent qualities such as affordable prices, best products, and exceptional services. The products these reliable producers supply ensure that your store provides your customers with the most excellent gems. Whether it’s a ring or pendant ornamented with stones or vintage-inspired gemstone pieces this list will give you exactly what you want. Consider those collections and improve your business using extremely attractive luxury goods.

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