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The NFT trend is going bigger and luxury fashion NFTs are increasing in demand with each passing day. Fashion NFTs are no longer just a new buzz, they are here to stay forever.

NFT meaning

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are original work of online art, they are digital assets that are irreplaceable and possesses unique identities.

Fashion NFT

Fashion NFTs are no longer just a buzz, NFTs have now become BFFs (Best Friends Forever) for Luxury Fashion Brands. All the top luxury fashion brands are launching NFTs to facilitate their customers with discounts, early access to exclusive products, private events, exclusive communities, and much more. Fashion NFTs cannot be duplicated or exchanged and can only be purchased from the owner of the Fashion Brand with digital currency. Their movements can be tracked through the blockchain in the digital space. Luxury fashion products are usually utilized tangibly, but NFTs give fashion consumers a unique experience beyond the physical realm.

Top Luxury Fashion NFTs

We have created a list of top Luxury fashion NFTs that are high in demand in the blockchain world.

1) Luxury Fashion Louis Vuitton NFT

Louis Vuitton, the high-end fashion brand has launched a Game that rewards its users randomly with postcard NFTs instead of an auction or priced sale. It has a game character called Vivienne, which has a variety of looks, and its NFT gets distributed through the raffle. The goal of this initiative is to aware game users of the 200-year-old history of LV.

Luxury Louis Vuitton NFT
(Images: Louis Vuitton NFTs)

2) Luxury Fashion Gucci NFT

Gucci is one of the leading early adopters of metaverse technology and still going deeper and deeper into it with each passing time. Gucci has collaborated with Superplastic and 10KTF. With the plastic animated toy company superplastic, the collaborative collection called “SuperGucci NFTs” and the NFT also comes with a physical ceramic figurine. Whereas the partnership with the 10KTFs, the NFTs crafted by Wagmi-san are unique and personalized and the reward other than the NFT is not revealed yet.

Luxury Fashion Gucci NFT
(Images: Gucci NFTs with the collaboration of 10KTF)
Luxury Fashion Gucci NFTs with the collaboration of SuperPlastic
(Images: Gucci NFTs with the collaboration of SuperPlastic)

3) Luxury Fashion Burberry NFT

Burberry, another big name in the fashion industry has partnered with a company called Mythical Games for the NFT collections “Blankos Block Party” and “Sharky B”. This is the second consecutive year of collaboration with the company. Burberry is working on new digital spaces in the game to provide unique virtual experiences to the players. The collection includes online accessories such as boomboxes, Tb sliders, and more. Players of Blankos Block Party, that own Sharky B NFT characters, get a free hat accessory.

Luxury Fashion Burberry NFT
(Images: Burberry NFTs with the collaboration of Mythical Games)

4) Luxury Fashion Vogue NFT

A total of 10 NFTs were launched by Vogue Singapore in November 2021. They were created exclusively for the first issue of the metaverse. The NFTs are based on the theme “new beginnings” in which 2 are purely virtual NFTs and 8 are in the form of art, design, and beauty worlds created by the artists and designers. The NFTs are available on sale at Open sea. Vogue also introduced the PhotoVogue NFT residency collection called “Voice x PhotoVogue “ in collaboration with Voice company. People can purchase NFTs to support 81 artists with a credit card on voice and no crypto is required.

Luxury Fashion Vogue NFT
(Images: Vogue NFTs with the collaboration of Voice)

5) Balenciaga NFT

The NFT collection “To the Moon” was created by Cristobal Balenciaga in collaboration with Cointelegraph, Art Consulting, Artvin, Animal Concerts, Defy Trends, and The inspiration is taken from the 8300 drawings in Lorenzo Riva’s collection. Riva was the artistic director in the 1980s at Balenciaga and the Founder Maison Balenciaga shared those unique original pieces with her. Minters of NFT receive gear, gift cards, and even 70-year-old original drawings of Cristobal.

Balenciaga NFT
(Images: Cristobal Balenciaga NFTs with the collaboration of Cointelegraph)

6) Dolce and Gabbana

The luxury brand has set a 6 Million dollar record in the fashion NFTs. The virtual journey of D&G started when a publisher of Vogue Arabia along with the founder of UNXD approached the brand with the idea. Together they created a collection called “Collezione Genesi” or “Genesis Collection”. The total 9 pieces collection was auctioned in which 5 pieces were physical creations with virtual iterations and 4 were purely digital. In each sale, the brand promised an invitation to future Atla Moda events.

Dolce and Gabbana
(Images: Dolce-&-Gabbana NFT in collaboration with Boson Protocol )

7) Prada

The Italian Luxury Fashion Brand launched its limited edition “time-capsule” product drop collection of NFTs in the fashion show experiences. After the first successful NFT collection “Polygon” in collaboration with Adidas Originals, the brand now expanded its web3 offers and launched its limited edition digital products. People who have bought Prada physical “time-capsule” pieces get the corresponding NFTs. They also get exclusive benefits and experiences.

(Images: Prada NFT collection time capsule)

8) Balmain

Balmain came up with the Barbie avatar collaboration in the digital assets space. The debut release includes three digital dolls of different styles, wearing pink monochrome prints. The brand collected also featured lineup pieces (non-digital) such as dresses, tees, shoes, and jackets that are available to shop through offline stores in Balmain.


(Images: Balmain NFT collection of Barbie)

9) Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld has launched 4 NFT collection editions with real-life perks. The 4th digital collection was customized by a street artist Endless and was launched on a digital fashion marketplace called dematerialized. The more exclusive version was “KL7xEndless”, which was only available to 7 consumers with an invitation to an event featuring a performance by the artist.

Karl Lagerfeld

(Images: Karl Lagerfeld NFT collection in collaboration with street artist Endless)


The Brand RTFKT has recently launched virtual luxury NFT in collaboration with Nike. The customizable collection sneaker NFT of RTFKT and Nike is called CryptoKicks. Since Nike acquired the brand RTFKT, this has been the biggest sneaker NFT release by the brand. Currently, the virtual sneakers are available to those who possess the MNLTH (It’s the NFT token that has 12, 950 pieces of the Monolith by the RTFKT). However, sneaker lovers can purchase different NFTs launched by the brand.

(Image: RTFKT NFT in collaboration with Nike)

11) Christian Dior NFT

Dior, the French luxury fashion giant, entered the metaverse space in collaboration with iWeekly, the parent company of Meta Media Holdings. The brand launched the NFT collection of men’s wear in the first-ever virtual space exhibition in China. A few months ago Christian Dior collaborated with ZEPETO, an avatar app, to create digital makeup looks. Later, collaborated with Ready Player Me, a metaverse platform for fragrance promotion.

(Images: Christian Dior NFT men’s collection in China)

12) Chanel NFT

The most popular handbags in the virtual world are Chanel’s classic diamond quilted handbags. The Chanel handbag collection has 10,000 unique pieces that are living on the Ethereum blockchain. It seems that due to high demand in the market, the potential value is much higher than the bag price itself. There is no limit to buying bags, and each one of them is 0.1 ETH.

(Images: Chanel NFT handbag collection)

13) Givenchy NFT

Images: Givenchy NFT collection in collaboration with Chito)

The luxury brand has collaborated with the artist Chito for the recent NFT collection. The collaboration “ChitoxGivenchy” offers 15 original and very first-of-their-kind NFTs. Its offer-based auction has ended but it’s open for secondary sale. The collection is minted on an Ethereum-compatible network polygon and all revenue will go to the clean our ocean charity. 

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14) Versace NFT

The Italian luxury fashion company Versace is all set to enter the metaverse world with the NFT collection of clothing, eyewear, perfume, jewelry, and more. The company is in the process of getting a trademark license and recently, Michael Kondoudis, the trademark attorney shared in a tweet that Versace is coming to the metaverse with NFTs and crypto collectibles, and the stores will feature virtual goods.

(Image: Versace NFT Collection is on its way)

15) Kenzo NFT

Kenzo has entered the metaverse with its “Boke Flower” 100 limited edition NFTs. The Japanese designer took inspiration from a popular quince bush in Japan that only blooms in the spring season. The fashion brand has only announced the NFT launch and no date has been given yet.

(Images: Kenzo NFT collection)


Advantages of Luxury Fashion NFTs

  • Fashion NFTs are sustainable as they don’t require material for production.
  • There is no wear and tear in the virtual products.
  • NFTs can be traded in the secondary market for profit.

Advantages for fashion brands to sell NFTs

  • Low production and operational cost
  • Meeting the high demand of the new generation
  • Global market expansion with minimal resources

Luxury Fashion has embraced the NFT game quite rapidly. What’s your favorite luxury NFT brand so far? Let us know in the comments section.


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