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Today, we live in a big chemical-filled balloon, which is way different from the natural and safe environment our parents lived in. Starting from the air we breathe to the food that we eat, everything is much polluted these days. So much that it has started affecting the normal functioning of our body. Ironically, the products that claim to boost the health of our hair are full of toxic chemicals. And there is this need of the hour is to avoid all possible toxic chemicals and get back to our roots, in the best possible natural and organic way. So let’s explore remedies for better hair growth.


AMLA is known as a superfood for skin and hair. According to Ayurveda, when there is excess Pitta in the body, it can cause hair greying. Amla/gooseberry helps in the natural cooling of our body from the inside and hence improves its functioning. The presence of Vitamin C in Amla is well known to strengthen hair, improve lustre and prevent premature greying. Along with it, it is also loaded with iron and carotene that again promote hair growth.

If you would remember, our grandmothers would swear by the goodness of amla. They even suggested mixing it with shikakai powder and water to get a wonderful hair mask. You can easily make it at home, apply it for an hour and then wash off with normal or lukewarm water and enjoy your silky soft hair.


Another key ingredient in most of the Ayurvedic medicines, Neem is a powerhouse for its numerous medicinal properties. This evergreen tree has been proven for ages and is known to fight bacteria and fungi. It can be consumed in any form. If eaten then neem leaves clean the blood and help remove toxins.

But, considering its bitterness, only a few people may have the courage to do that. Alternately, you can use neem oil, or fresh leaves paste as a hair mask. The fresh neem paste/Neem Oil mask helps in eliminating dandruff. It also opens up pores that get clogged due to dandruff on our head and promote hair growth.

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We all know the benefits of Aloe vera. This cactus family, the green leafy plant has pockets that store thick jelly-like substance. This jelly or the pulp can be directly applied to the hair scalp, or you can mix it with oil to form a smooth paste.

If you choose to use it with henna, it can act as a great hair conditioner. As it soothes and nourishes the dry scalp and improves the hair texture.

4. Applying yoghurt and oil mask

The combination of yoghurt and oil is a very effective treatment for your dry hair. To try this, in half a cup of yoghurt, add two tablespoons of olive oil and six tablespoons of essential oil. This mixture should be applied to shampooed hair. Cover the hair with a plastic or shower cap for 15-20 minutes. After that, rinse hair thoroughly with warm water.

After all hard efforts, you will get hair just like me.



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